“The Avengers” Sex Toys Assemble!


Tumblr user Sarmai created six “pieces of pleasure” based on The Avengers movie franchiseThe sex-toy line, which is just a fantasy for now, includes a Captain America vibrator (that kind of looks like a bowling pin), an Iron Man twin-motor vibrator, a Thor electrical stimulator (that hopefully doesn’t shoot thunderbolts), a Hawkeye G-spot vibrator, a discreet Black Widow clitoral stimulator, and a 12” silicone Hulk dildo that we can’t even show you. (Go here for the veiny emerald goliath.)

We think these are great, but they might perpetuate the stereotype that comic-book fans never get laid. Just sayin’.

sarmaiavengers sarmaiavengers2

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 10.45.02 AM


sarmaiavengers4 sarmaiavengers5


h/t The Mary Sue