‘The Avenue’ Is Back For Season 2: Watch, Laugh, Cry, Cringe

The Avenue is back friends, and more amazing than ever. Are you watching this show? Because you really, really need to be watching this show. It’s like The Hills in Toronto, but without Brody Jenner.

Season two finds us back with our pal Gregory Gorgeous, giving us both Ashlee Simpson and Tammy Wynette realness, who has found love. Yay Greg.

Also finding love over the summer were Greg’s buds Rachel and Claire. Claire with a guy who seems to be a giant fuc*ing douche and sports what appears to be a $10 leather jacket. He’s a keeper!

Oh, and he also claims Claire’s “friends are weird,” gives her curfews and dresses like a PGA golfer.  We are not even going to bother learning his name.

Rachel’s boyfriend, Connor, seems cool though.

Sadly Arta is back too, she of the motionless face and toneless voice, but let’s not waste any more time talking about her. And her constant need to play with her hair.

There really is just too much to say about this Canadian treasure and we could go on and on, so just go ahead and watch it for yourself above.

This is the greatest early Christmas present we have ever received.

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