The Awkward Wand Faces of the “Harry Potter” Climax

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 finally arriving in theaters next month, Warner Brothers’ marketing wizards have released what is most likely the final trailer. Most of the footage has already been shown, but there are a few glimpses at new material to keep everyone happy.

The new trailer follows the same format as most recent Potter trailers. The first third is made up of characters whispering at each other in dramatic fashion. I doubt they are just spreading idol gossip. We also get a couple shots of Voldemort’s nostrils and a few flashback scenes from previous films.

Wow. Daniel Radcliffe looked REALLY young when they first started filming.

The second third of the trailer consists of people shouting at each other. If you thought all that whispering was dramatic, just watch out, because now the wizards are using their outside voices. This is also the time where we see random supporting characters pop in to look scared and/or determined.

Both characters are played by Warwick Davis, the title character from Leprechaun.

Wouldn’t that make a great cross-over film?

Sprinkled throughout the trailer are quick scenes of romance amidst chaos. Because it just isn’t a Hollywood movie without the reinforcement of heterosexual mores. Thus this time around, we have a few hints that all the young, straight heroes are going to hook up. (Except Neville. He never gets any action.)

First, we have Harry and Ginny making out while their classmates run for their lives. It seems like she’s taking the initiative in this scene.

Note the sly placement of Harry’s wand in the shot.

Yet again, a wizard gets close to a witch and his wand is standing at full attention.

Ron and Hermione also have a moment to snuggle on some rubble in a pose reminiscent of Frodo/Samwise in the last Lord of the Rings. Hey, if it’s good enough for Middle Earth…

With the romance, whispering and shouting out of the way, the final third of the trailer is made up entirely of action scenes. Because this is the last film in the series, director David Yates has free reign to blow up every set they’ve ever shown, no matter how minor.

Hey, it’s that badly lit bridge thing that we saw twice before!

Most of the remaining action involves characters shooting magic beams at each other, which is a hallmark of these films. It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter film without bright streaks of light zapping people into walls. And this brings us to my favorite part of any Potter trailer: the awkward wand faces!

First, we have Harry himself, who looks very determined and scrunchy.

If this awkward wand face had a name, it would be The Muppet.

Next, we have Snape. As always, his expression is a mystery. Is he in pain? Is he enjoying himself? Is his black turtleneck too tight?

The Enigma

On the other end of the spectrum, Bellatrix gets wide-eyed and insane. Her hair flies across her face and her tongue sticks out. That’s what you get for hanging out with Tim Burton.

The Batshit Crazy

Then there’s Voldemort, whose brow looks twice as big as it should. It’s called eyebrow-acting, and it’s very effective.

The David Boreanaz

Finally, we have Mrs. Weasley, who isn’t exactly shooting off her wand, but is nonetheless making a grade-A wand face. Her eyes and mouth are clamped shut. Her nostrils are slightly flared. She looks very cartoony and British.

The Mrs. Potts

When the film finally premieres on July 15th, audiences will see dozens more awkward wand faces staggered throughout the shouts, whispers, and explosions. Harry Potter fans have spent seven movies watching these characters scrunch, squeeze, and grimace in countless combinations. Could this last film possibly offer us any new faces?

Signs point to yes. Are you looking forward to the last Potter movie?