Chad Johnson Claims Fellow “Bachelorette” Suitor Is Gay

The feud between two of this season's favorites is heating up.

A former contestant of ABC’s The Bachelorette tried “outing” another contestant during Monday night’s episode, tweeting that it was painful to watch him “pretend to like women” on the show.

The contestants, Chad Johnson and Robby Hayes, have been embroiled in conflict throughout the whole season, Us Weekly reports.

Johnson has apparently remained a fan favorite despite getting the boot from the show earlier this season, and gave ammunition to a vocal group of Hayes’ haters on Twitter when he tweeted the implication during last night’s episode, where Hayes was one of four finalists remaining on the show.

“If I have to watch @RobbyHHayes pretend to like women for one more second on #TheBachelorette, I’m gonna blow my head off,” he wrote, using the hashtag #TheBitchelorette.

The inappropriate tweet has gone unchecked by mainstream media and only seemed to bolster a torrent of online bullying directed at Hayes.

Within the hour, Hayes tweeted back: “Been waiting for you to do that #mrirrelevant.”

Despite accusations that producers have ignored homophobia among cast members in the past, both ABC and The Bachelorette have not acknowledged the exchange.

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