“The Benefits Of Gusbandry” Takes A Look At Relationships And Middle Age

"A bunch of 40-year-old children just did coke off my boobs."

The Benefits of Gusbandry, a new web series following a straight woman and a gay man who are attempting to “grow up” as they face middle age, recently premiered to rave reviews at the Portland Film Festival.

Director Alicia J. Rose says the series — which follows 40-year-old Jackie (Brooke Totman of Mad TV) as she befriends gay charmer River (Kurt Conroyd) — was inspired by her real-life “husbands”—i.e. a gay husband or best friend.

“[A gusband] is a man who is there for you, like a husband surrogate, without the problems of regular husbandry,” explains Rose.

“There’s no show right now that really encapsulates the beauty, the reality, the fun, the insanity that really happens in a relationship between a woman and a gay man,” she continued. “I hope that you can all learn what a gay husband is, and maybe go out and find a ’gusband’ of your own.”

Check out the pilot below of the hilarious new series below.

h/t: Out

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