The 11 Best Emmy Tweets From Funny Gay Guys


It’s 2013, so I assume you’ve already acquainted yourself with the bad news: Internet commentary about TV is almost always better, or at least funnier, than TV itself. This was especially true in the case of last night’s Emmys, an unusually somber event given that it was supposed to be celebrating our current “golden age of television.” When weren’t we in a golden age of television again? 1997 or something? Please. Don’t tell me you didn’t love The Single Guy.

Fortunately, funny gay guys (and I) live-tweeted the Emmys. Here are ten of my favorite quips from that posse on Merritt Wever’s big night.

1. Chris Schleicher thinks one Big Bang Theory star treated a comic legend like his dim brother Darryl (or his other dim brother Darryl).


2. Meanwhile, Billy Eichner is saving the real criticism for Bob himself.

  3. Richard Lawson knows that political animal Ellen Burstyn has big plans for the late evening.

 4. Nick Stadler is having an Emmy crisis that should concern everyone reading this.


5. Did you know that the CRAZIEST thing about Liberace was that he was GAY? Because apparently Michael Douglas thinks that. Enjoy my self-inclusion.



6. Cole Escola noted Oprah’s cameo during the Jimmy Kimmel Live nomination and thinks Gayle should’ve stepped in.

  7. Carey O’Donnell accurately reads a certain E! hostess to shreds. 

 8. Jon Lovett just asks it.


9. Dan D’Addario is such a Miranda when it comes to Emmy nostalgia.


10. Guy Branum believes the ceremony was a coming-of-age moment for many young gays.


11. And finally, Nick Walsh has his own “dream” about Ellen Burstyn’s Emmy night.



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