The Best and Worst of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 10

Liz Taylor gets her revenge!

Liz Taylor hasn’t been treated too kindly this season, but even old evil places like the Hotel Cortez have some heart. Can the kind bartender escape her prison unscathed? Probably not!

Check out the best and worst of American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 10, below! (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)


AHS:H Liz Opening monoglogue

More Liz Taylor: Considering this show’s track record for consistence (expectedly weak), but given this wacky trans character’s an actual storyline (surprisingly strong), it’s only somewhat shocking that the writers managed to pull together a nice little storyline for our favorite hotel employee to run this episode with. Drop everyone else as far as I’m concerned. Liz is the only character I care about anymore.

AHS:H Ya Cheap

Sassy Gaga: “Ya cheap. Ya always been cheap.” THE LIBRARY IS OPEN. Can Gaga get more lines like this?

AHS:H Then This

And Then This Happened: Violent retribution always makes for a delightful payoff. Who’s the little mouse now?!

AHS:H Vamp Chloe

This Look: A+ Vamp Chloe look. Would Chloe again.

AHS:H Gunfire

Open Season: Remember what I just said about violent retribution always making for a delightful payoff?


AHS:H 10 Commandments

These Two: Well, these morons are back. How good was that last episode without either of them? Anyway, at least Copface has perfected his cartoonishly psychotic eye game.


Ummm…: If Old Man Ryan Murphy thinks cat memes are funny, that probably means cat memes are over, right? This scene is like some proto-vaporwave nightmare.

AHS:H Family Photo

Family Reunion: Ok so let me get this straight. Vampire Chloe has been slinking around the halls of the Cortez in 90s goth outfits for weeks and she still hasn’t figured out that her husband is a mass murderer? Reuniting Copface’s family might have made sense before the “twist” about him being the killer was revealed, but it hardly works after.

AHS:H Hotline bling

Hotline Bling: You know what else is over? This damn song. With this scene Murphy is outing himself as a kind of gay cool dad, desperately trying to keep up with the kids while simultaneously harboring intense resentment for anyone under 30 (only a few episodes earlier he had ham-fistedly attempted to trash millennial hipsters — you can’t have it both ways dude).

Also Matt Bomer looks like a damn fool.

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