The Best And Worst Of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 4

Have you been invited to the Devil's Night Banquet?

The veil between the worlds grows thinner with every day that passes until Halloween is upon us. What better way to celebrate than with a seasonal feast? Mr. March has plenty of festivities planned, but were you invited to the party?

Check out our best and worst of American Horror Story: Hotel episode 4, below!


AHS:H Serial Killers

Serial Killer Banquet: Richard Ramirez checks in and has a fun murder session with Mr. March. Later, Dahmer and Gacy make cameos, too! This is a dinner party I would certainly attend. Think of all the banal small talk you could make! (I could do without the lazy explanatory dialogue, but the concept is fun enough.)

AHS:H Laundress

The Laundress Backstory: I was certainly not expecting this character to be developed in any substantial way, but here we are. She’s serving essentially the same plot as Copface McStrongjaw but is selling it a thousand times better. You get those sheets clean, girl!

AHS:H Vampire Sevigny



AHS:H Rabe

Lily Rabe’s Makeup: Hoo-boy that make-up does not look anything like the real life Aileen Wuornos. It’s basically impossible to top the work done to Theron in her celebrated depiction of the same person, so why bother?

Lily Rabe’s Acting: I’m as much of a Rabe fanatic as the next guy, but have you actually watched footage of Wuornos talking? Because that is just not how she sounds or behaves. Like not even close.

Lily Rabe’s Character: It’s not Rabe’s fault that Murphy’s depiction of Wuornos is completely insensitive, but equating Aileen with serial killers like Dahmer and Gacy is downright historically inaccurate. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her dialogue was so poorly written, playing off the tragic story of Wuornos (who, in real life, was severely mentally ill and perpetually abused) as some kind of campy joke seems particularly distasteful, too.

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