The Best And Worst Of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 6

Finally, a Season 1 connection is revealed!

Chaos erupts at the Hotel Cortez when a few ghosts go looking for their purpose. New loves and old flames quarrel and some surprising friends show up for a visit.

Check out the Best and Worst of American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 6, below!


AHS: H Murder House

Season 1 Connection: Did you catch that the abortionist’s home at the beginning of the episode was the eponymous Murder House of Season 1? You know what, I ain’t mad at it. Murphy claims he had the connections between each season plotted out long ago, but I’m not buying that. He’s improvising this ish on the fly — and it’s working!

AHS: H Liz And her Boy

Liz and Her Boy Toy: Well, this is unexpected. I’m not sure if it makes any sense characterologically, but I’m just gunna roll with it. And their dialogue?! “Do you love me?” “Oh, I don’t know.” Perfect.

AHS:H Vamp Chloe

Chloe’s New Look: Probably more fashionable than anything Gaga’s worn all season. NO SHADE. It’s just a really good look.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.08.24 AM

Bassett’s Back: And she’s been studying Tarantino femme fatales in order to achieve the perfect sassy delivery for every single line that comes out of her gorgeous goddess mouth.

AHS:H Butts

Butts: Lotta butts this episode. Everyone loves butts!


AHS:H Kale

Kale: Cool kale joke Darren! Millenials just love kale! Very funny. Whatever.

AHS:H Body

Ballooning Bodycount: Many commenters have eagerly and correctly pointed out the impossibly high bodycount at the Hotel Cortez. A few more murders later and this problem still isn’t being addressed. Why aren’t the police raiding this place? And how are we supposed to remain invested in anyone if the stakes of life and death are so incredibly low?


So. Much. Copface.: This character has no discernible personality whatsoever and he gets so much screen-time while more interesting players (cough cough Bassett cough cough) get relegated to the background. Why? What purpose is he serving here at all? Is the audience in any way invested in him or his wellbeing? I’m certainly not.

AHS:H Gaga In Green

Gaga In Green: Michelle Visage would not approve.

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