The Best And Worst Of “American Horror Story: Hotel” Episode 8

Will The Ten Commandments Killer be revealed?

Hey guys? Remember how that episode two weeks ended on that really weird twist? With that vampire (?) kid running into oncoming traffic? Ok, well we’re back. And things are probably not going to become any clearer by the end of this recap.

Here’s the best and worst of American Horror Story: Hotel episode 8.


AHS:H Organs

Organ Harvesting Room: For as much shade as I throw at this show, the production design has always been impeccable, as evidenced by March’s secret ultra-creepy organ vault. In fact, the entire Hotel is a bit of a masterpiece of design: stylish art deco mixed with gore-riddled gothic horror mixed with tacky pop-art post-Dan Flavin neon. All style and no substance: just the way it should be.

AHS:H Liz Angry

Angry Liz: Although still purely a side character, Liz Taylor gets to express more emotions than most of the protagonists this season, and her character has way more depth. Rage, joy, grief: O’Hare can do it all. Cute detail that Copface properly genders her, too.

AHS:H Demon

Drilldo: Oh hey old friend. Haven’t seen you in a while. So you’re like a heroin demon or something? That’s cool. I’m really excited to learn more about you. Eventually.


AHS:H Reveal

Well, You Guessed It: A while ago, I had suggested that the Ten Commandments Killer storyline had no stakes because it was obvious that March was the murderer from the start. Commenters on this site went on to suggest that Copface was actually the killer the whole time. Well, turns out we were both right! Kind of. Anyway, who cares? This plot was unoriginal, predictable and uninteresting, especially while side characters like Liz Taylor, Vamp Chloe, and the Beauty Bassett hardly get any screen time.

AHS:H Dinner

Dinner Dialogue: Boy this whole episode sure is a lot of unsubtle and expository chatter that doesn’t establish anything we couldn’t have gleaned from the pre-credit montage!

AHS:H Future

We All Know Where This Is Going: Ok so Copface kills one more person and then kills himself because “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” Great, got it. We’re all on the same page here. Cool.

AHS:H Sally

Lacrimose Sally: Do you like, ever not cry in this room?

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