The Best Gay Music Videos of 2009

The end of the year can only mean one thing … end of the
year lists! Today we’ve got the best music videos of 2009, of course focusing
on gay and bi artists, or at least artists who have definite gay appeal. After
all, I had to get Lady Gaga in the
mix somehow!

Now on to the countdown!

"Pretty in Pink" by Ariel Aparicio

can I say? I’m a softy for an 80’s cover …

if the string-laden approach didn’t do it for you, check out Ariel’s video for
his house mix of the song here.

12. "Chatroom Romance" by Toby Madigan

being arrested at a civil rights protest in 2008, the singer/songwriter decided
to come out publicly. Since then his new material has begun to include his
experiences as a gay man, as in this fun, pop/rock number which depicts one of
those truly evil facets of gay life … chatroom deception!

11. "Human"
by Ari Gold

Okay, I know … another 80’s cover. But this video just has
to be seen to be believed. Who knew mixing little red riding hood with an alien
abduction could be so enjoyable?

10. "My Turn" by Yehonathan

out Israeli singer hit the top of Logo’s Click List with his "Just
Another Summer" video, and his most recent single "My Turn" is
just as steamy, fun and addicting!

9. "Cover
Girl (put the bass in your walk)" by RuPaul

Classic Ru goodness combined with clips from this past
season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What more could you want?

"Hardly a Hero" by Levi Kreis

The singer/songwriter’s video from the gay comedy Kiss the Bride clocks in at number
eight. And is it just me, or is this song the best thing about that movie?

"For Your
Entertainment" by Adam Lambert

Surprise, Adam Lambert’s on the list of the best gay music
videos of 2009! I mean, really, were you not expecting it?

"Danny" by The Younger Lovers

Raw and fun and all kinds of good, The Younger Lovers is
actually the side project of Brontez
from the band Gravy Train. While the
project may have started out small, it’s found notable success with videos for "Danny"
and "Can I Come Over" reaching Logo’s Click List.

"Blame it on the Girls" by Mika

With its intro inspired from A Clockwork Orange, to its gender-bending half boy, half girl dance
line, this video just about has it all. If you liked "We Are Golden"
then you’re going to love this one.

4. "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

spectacle has become somewhat of a trademark for Lady Gaga, and "Bad
Romance" is no exception. Leave it to Lady Gaga to combine polar bear
couture, latex body suits, skinless cats and futuristic bathhouses into pure
pop bliss.

"Can’t Have It All" by Jay Brannan

If you’re not moved by these lyrics and the video’s
understated and simple aesthetic than you’re just not human. The hauntingly sad
video is easily one of the year’s best and definitely worthy of a spot in our
top three.

"Single Ladies" Glee – single ladies

so it’s not a music video per se, but don’t tell me you’re not smiling right
now! Just sit back and enjoy Kurt’s
breakout performance (with an early appearance from everyone’s favorite cheerio, Brittany).

"End of the
World" by Matt Alber

Okay, it’s here! You can put the pitchforks and torches
away! While technically this video came out in December of 2008, it recently
won an OUTMusic award for video of the year, so I’ll let it slide. If you’ve been living under a rock this past
year and somehow managed to miss this vintage-tinted masterpiece, do yourself a
favor and check it out: