The Cast Of “Power Rangers” Are Shredded AF And Ready To Fight

It's a shame they'll be wearing bodysuits ?

The men of the upcoming Power Rangers movie are in fighting shape and showing the receipts on Instagram.

Actors Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, and Ludi Lin (who play the Red, Blue, and Black Rangers respectively) were in Vancouver this week to begin filming and managed to get in at least one good workout, which they thankfully documented with a few good shirtless pics and videos:

GO GO POWER RANGERS @ludilin @dacremontgomery Early morning crush session!!!! #rangernation #gogopowerrangers

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Be strong enough to carry the world on your shoulders in case one day Atlas Shrugged.

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So Long Summer. Hello Vancouver!

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Nothing can ruin this day.

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The Dean Israelite-directed film is expected for a 2017 release and stars a cast of relative newcomers including the guys here, as well as actress Naomi Scott and singer Becky G.

Though details of the plot are scarce at this point, it’s been reported that Elizabeth Banks has also signed on to play the classic villain Rita Repulsa.

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