Fashion Hits & Misses: The Hamptons Film Festival

alan cumming and stevie nicks

Can you even imagine what strange conversation Alan Cumming and Stevie Nicks might have? I think it would be about drugs. (Getty)

Did you there’s a film festival in the Hamptons every year? Virtually every city, it seems, has one — and the Hamptons have put on a fest for the last twenty years or so, attracting celebs shilling films and industry folk. But this particular festival–held this past weekend–was special, because Queen Of Flowing Sleeves Stevie Nicks attended and performed. Really makes me wish I could have been there, but since we haven’t invented Stevie-Nicks-related time machines yet, we’ll just have to settle for the pictures.

sienna miller and calvin klein and donna karan

Left: Sienna Miller is all dressed up in a strange little cape dress. Right: Calvin Klein and his date for the evening, Donna Karan.

meryl streep and domhall gleeson

Left: Meryl Streep is really feeling the moment. Right: Domhall Gleeson, an impressive ginger with a horrid array of bracelets on.

meryl streep and domhall gleeson

Left: I prefer to remember Brendan Frasier in all his “Encino Man” glory, rather than this knit cap-wearing incarnation. Right: Adam Driver? I’d prefer to remember him not at all — especially if he continues to insist on such terrible facial hair.

jess weixler and bella heathcoate

Left: Jess Weixler shows us the proper way to wear a dress and booties. Right: Bella Heathcoate gives the look a try, too.

sting and trudy styler and hilaria thomas and alec baldwin

Do you suppose Sting and Trudy had a Hot Couple Contest with Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin? Who would win?

mary elizabeth winstead and boyd hobrook

Left: Mary Elizabeth Winstead is such a chameleon! Right: If ever we should run out of Ryan Goslings and Aaron Pauls, we’ll give Boyd Hobrook a call.

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