The Gay “Glee” Recap: From Gay Bashings To The Lesbian “Facts Of Life”


When you ask “What’s so gay about Glee?” the obvious answer is “everything.” But we’re here to break down the queerest bits of Glee into bit-sized morsels for your enjoyment. Think of us as your gay cheat sheet to Glee fandom. 

This week, the gay content was thick on Glee, with storylines touching on the of gay bashings in New York  and how they affect our Gleeks. But there were lighter moments, for sure, and things that bring our queer hearts joy.

Get the lowdown below.

facts of life

5. Sam’s Complete Misunderstanding Of The Facts Of Life. He thinks it’s a show about a woman who runs an orphanage for lesbians. “And then I think the lesbians’ school burns down, so now the old redheaded lady opened up this pot dispensary called Edna’s Edibles.” That sounds like a great show, honestly.

“Broadway Baby”

4. Broadway Baby! Put Rachel and Blaine together and it’s all sashays and campy faces. We couldn’t ask for anything more, even if they did flub their assignment and almost got flunked out of NYADA.


3. Thank God Mercedes Is Back. Glee missed its diva. We get two show-stopping numbers from Mercedes this episode—first she’s belting “Natural Woman” around a carousel, then she’s debuting “Color Blind” (which is also actress Amber Riley’s single). Never skimp on the Mercedes Jones, Glee!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.43.22 AM2. Star Wars Fan-Fiction. Did anyone else think that they cut things off before Blaine could start telling Sam all the really sexy stuff between Han and Luke?

CHRIS COLFER FILMING GLEE IN LA.1. Reality Check. We started with a memorial for someone gay-bashed on Bleeker Street and eventually Kurt is hurt, too, when he stepped in to help someone else. It’s a reminder that the gay fantasy land of New York isn’t perfectly safe, and that Kurt Hummel is not running scared. His triumphant turn at “I’m Still Here” as the episode closes is icing on the cake.

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