The Gay “Glee” Recap: Kurt And Blaine Serenade In Their Pajamas

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When you ask “What’s so gay about Glee?” the obvious answer is “everything.” But we’re here to break down the queerest bits of Glee into bit-sized morsels for your enjoyment. Think of us as your gay cheat sheet to Glee fandom.

Sure, there were other gay things happening this week on Glee—Starchild’s existence, Sam giving Blaine piggyback rides through Times Square, Blaine’s jealousy—but all we want to talk about is the Klaine duet of “You Make Me Feel So Young.”

Why? Firstly, a Klaine duet about their actual feelings (not backdrop to someone else’s feelings  and not a dream sequence) is rare enough in the Glee-verse.

Secondly, this is New York Klaine—a whole different beast. They’re engaged, they live together and they’re in their pajamas. We just want to focus on the beautiful fluff today.

Although we have to say, the rest of their drama this episode was delicious and perfect too.

5. Those Pajamas. Kurt, of course, wears proper PJs at all times. But some reason Blaine wears the equivalent of old man underwear—oversized boxers and a wifebeater. We’re going to call foul and say matching Andrew Christian briefs are way more likely for their duo, but it’s Glee and the boys have to look somewhat decent for the 8 pm Fox crowd.

We’re not complaining too loudly, as they still look damn good dancing around. Bonus points for Kurt’s look of “no way” at Blaine’s shirt selection at the end.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.23.15 AM

4. The Dancing. The twirls! The dip! Klaine plucks at our heartstrings the hardest when they’re reminding us of iconic Hollywood duos like Fred and Ginger, so the retro song and moves just make us melt.

3. The Toothpaste Thing. This is how we know Kurt and Blaine are meant for each other: They can’t even brush their teeth alone. Without Blaine there, Kurt would just be scrubbing his pearly whites without any toothpaste, and without Kurt, Blaine would just be squirting Crest on the floor. Swoon.

2. The Pillow Fight. The scene dwells just a little too long on the mechanics of making a bed, but it’s all worth it when Blaine steals the final accent pillow and starts an adorable pillow fight with his beau. There’s rolling around on the bed, playful smacking, giggles. The works. It’s like a Klaine shipping fever dream—and we never want to wake up.

1. The Ending. Of course, living in a loft means other peoplewalk in right when you’re about to climb on top of your fiance. Alas. Glee can’t give us everything we want, after all.

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