The Gay-List: Your Favorite Gay and Bisexual Male Celebrities

Ah, fickle celebrity. One day everybody loves you — the next you’re pop
culture’s punching bag. And the stakes are even higher for out gay and bisexual
public figures. Just by virtue of being out, they are expected to be de facto role
models for the GLBT community.

Some succeed at the role model thing better than others, but as far as we’re
concerned, any gay public figure is to be commended for being open and honest
about their orientation.

It used to be there weren’t all that many openly gay celebrities to look up
to. But this being 2011, there are now hundreds and hundreds!

Given the current bounty of famous gay and bi men, we thought it would be
interesting to canvas our readers and find out who ranks as the crème de la
crème. Who are the top 50 gay and bisexual male celebrities that you admire, that inspire you or that you just can’t get enough of? Your participation
here will help us decide that.

We’re calling it the Gay-List! 

Cast your votes now for up to 10 of your favorite gay/bisexual celebrities.
They can come from any field (entertainment, music, politics, literature, etc.)

1. They must be publicly openly
gay or bisexual.

2. They must be male (Our sister site is doing a separate companion poll identifying the top 50 out women.)

3. They must be contemporary, living public
figures. (Cool as they are, no Oscar Wildes
or Harvey Milks.)

Note: Votes cast for public
figures that don’t satisfy the above requirements will be discarded.

Voting will stay open until midnight Friday March 4th, and then
we’ll publish the results on Monday, March 14th

The guy with the most votes will be No. 1, the guy with the second highest
number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it doesn’t
matter in what order you list the names in the form below).

One request: So that we can get a
true picture of who your favorite gay celebrities are, you can’t vote more than once. We’ve set up the form to count only the last submission
from a specific IP address, so ballot stuffing will be a wasted effort.
And if you submit the same name 10 times, it will only count once, so don’t try
that either! (We’re on to you people and your tricky ways!) But we do encourage you to support your favorites by spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, or by standing on the local street corner with a megaphone imploring people to vote Please
nominate each person by their full name, and it’s a big help if you spell it

After you’ve voted, feel free to post your choices in the comments and then lobby for your favorites!

Voting is now closed! Stay tuned for the results!