The Gayest Cities In America According To U.S. Census

Recently released data from the U.S. Census (at the moment unavailable due to the government shutdown, but preserved in this Huffington Post article) reveals the gayest cities in the country by counting up the percentages of same-sex couple households.  So, clearly the gayest cities are New York and San Fran. That’s it, Right?  End of list?  Everywhere else is just less gay?

Well, apparently, not so much!  Fort Lauderdale and Seattle have become increasingly LGBT friendly, with gay citizens on the rise in both cities.   The Florida tourist spot is becoming a popular vacation location for homosexual couples, leading some to settle down there, while Seattle overtakes San Francisco as the number two city for LGBT families.

Seattle in particular has become extra popular because, according to a 2011 article in the Seattle Times, “Most same-sex couples, in choosing a place to live, want what other families want — affordable housing, more space, good schools.”  Non-traditional families want the same things regular families do?!  How shocking.

The Seattle Times broke down the census statistic more thoroughly:

We are still No. 2 to San Francisco, however, for the percentage of gay-male households.  But Seattle claimed the top city for the percentage of lesbian couples by a relatively wide margin.  With lesbian couples making up 1.2 percent of households in 2012, Seattle was the only large city to exceed 1 percent.

There are about 125,000 couples living together in Seattle; of those, an estimated 7,551 are gay couples, whether married or unmarried.  That pencils out to about one in every 17 couple households in the city.

In Seattle, as in most of the 50 cities, the majority of gay couple households are men, but it is a fairly even split here: 46 percent of Seattle’s gay couples are women.

The top ten gayest cities are listed below by percentage of households that have/are same-sex couples:

10. Warwick, Road Island (1.6%)
9. Washington D.C. (1.7%)
8. Providence, Rhode Island (1.7%)
7. Oakland, California (1.7%)
6. Somerville, Massachusetts (2%)
5. Portland, Maine (2.2%)
4. Minneapolis, Minnesota (2.4%)
3. San Francisco, California (2.5%)
2. Seattle, Washington (2.6%)
1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2.8%)

Somehow NYC is not even on the list.  But at least New York isn’t El Paso, Texas, which is apparently the least gay city in the US.  El Paso has just one-tenth the percentage of gay-couple households as Seattle.  Yee-haw.

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