The Glee Project Recap: The Greatest Reality Love Story Never Told

This was a week for Slushies, shirtlessness and conquering your fears, plus a love that was not to be. Welcome to the week 6 recap of The Glee Project!

Some highlights of this week’s episode, “Fearlessness”

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

  • Remember last week when Aylin and Charlie halted their budding romance? Yeah, forget that, because this week it was back on.
  • Mentor/casting director Robert Ulrich announces that this week’s theme is fearlessness and advises the contestants not to soil themselves … at least in my version.
  • This week’s “Homework Assignment” is a performance of “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D. & The Boyz. Abraham wonders aloud about Asians’ rapping aptitude.

 Abraham suggests they begin their performance with some booty moves

  • Week 5’s guest judge is … Emmy winner Jane Lynch, the one and only Coach Sue Sylvester. The kids erupt in hysterics when she walks in.

The contestants, including Nellie, Shanna and Michael, are excited to welcome this week’s guest from Glee

  • The competitors stage an energetic performance of “Now That We Found Love” that looks like they’re actually having fun. Unfortunately, Nellie forgot some lyrics — a recurring problem for her.
  • The homework winner is … Lily, who wins a one-on-one mentoring session with Jane Lynch (who seems genuinely nice and says Lily reminds her of her younger self!). Aylin admits that she is “pissed off” that Lily won over her and prepares to go all Rachel Berry on her ass.
  • As the Homework winner, Lily also wins a stand-out role in the group’s video performance of the Pat Benatar/Blondie mashup: “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”/”One Way or Another” — performed in bathing suits, in a video where a Slushie fight breaks out at a high school pool.
  • In the vocal booth, mentor/vocal coach Nikki Anders thinks Michael is still over-thinking things. Could he end up in the bottom three? Charlie mugs for his friends outside the vocal booth, annoying Nikki again.
  • There’s no choreography lesson this week. Instead, there’s a wardrobe session for bathing suit fittings. Several contestants express nervousness about how they’ll look in their bathing suits, especially Nellie. Get a grip girl: you can’t be nervous and self-conscious about everything. Otherwise, what are you doing on a reality TV competition with the role on a TV series as the ultimate prize?

Contestants brave the Slushies, in bathing suits no less!

  • During the video shoot, underwater singing ensues; Nellie is nervous about being sexy (shocker!) and Ali gets upset when she has trouble inhaling after being Slushied. It seems to be the hardest week for her, and she met the challenge, going all out to be fearless. Lily steals the show … again.
  • Last Chance Performance: Aylin does a decent Rihanna on “Take a Bow” (but she couldn’t keep a straight face while being critiqued, which is something they were critiquing at the time); Charlie shows personality while performing Tom Jones’ hit “It’s Not Unusual” but forgets most of the lyrics; and Nellie did an okay job with Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy.” In the end, Charlie’s frequent appearances in the bottom three did him in and squashed his chances for a televised love affair with Aylin, and he left in a cascade of tears.

Was there enough water content for you in this episode, counting the tears, pool water and Slushies? Or did this installment leave you thirsty for more competition? Sound off below!

The Glee Project airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.