Our Gayest ‘Golden Girls’ Moments

This April, Logo is launching the beloved Golden Girls series and we are super excited that Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia will be invading the channel.  In honor of the launch, we here at NewNowNext have begun to reminisce about our favorite, funniest and of course gayest golden gal moments. les be honest, these ladies had lots of love for each other and that often led to mistakes and misconceptions followed by crazy elderly lady shenanigans.

Watch below and be sure to tune in to Logo Tv on April 13th for a hot flash (back) weekend of The Golden Girls.

1. Episode 205 “Lesbian” Dorothy’s old college roommate falls in love with Rose, Blanche gets jealous and it’s hilarious

2. Episode 715 “Goodbye Mr. Gordon” Rose gets a job on a talk show and is asked to find guests who are lesbians that live together and sleep together. Naturally she picks Dorothy and Blanche.

3. Episode 415 “Valentines Day” The girls reminisce about their past valentines days- like the time they accidentally booked a weekend getaway at a nudist camp… whoops.

4. Episode 615 “Sister of the Bride” Blanche loves a man who also loves a man…

5. Episode 313 “The Artist” Dorothy, Blanche and Rose pose naked for a sculptor. He’s not turned on in the slightest.


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