The “Golden Girls” Get “Sailor Moon” Treatment In Stunning Fan Tribute


One super-fan has brought us the mash-up art we never knew we needed: The Golden Girls decked out as Sailor Moon characters.

Fan and DeviantArt user Sparklearmy has paid tribute to the two shows in a series of drawings, which depict each character from the Golden Girls imagined as characters in the Sailor Moon universe.

The images are lovely and perfectly meld together the aspects we adore from both shows: the sass, the fierceness, the perfectly coordinated jewel tones.

In the series, we’ve got Sailor Zbornak:


Sailor Petrillo:


Sailor Nylund:


And of course, Sailor Devereaux:


They’ve even included a character for Dorothy’s sketchy husband, Stanley:


The images are beautifully rendered and have us wondering about all the battles the Golden Sailor Girls could wage against the evil forces of Miami, knowing, of course, that they’d still have to make time for nightly cheesecake.

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