The Hills: New Season Previews


MTV’s got up previews for the next (and Lauren’s final???) season of The Hills, which begins on Monday, April 6th. The first one above is cut like a thriller movie trailer. I was hoping Brody was gonna bust through a door with a chainsaw and lop off some heads as Lauren stumbles around blindfolded. But instead you get Lauren looking puffy and glaring while Heidi cries, with lots of freaky swimming pool light reflected on her face. Gaaaah…

This sh*t is deranged. But even better is the preview below, highlighting the long and tedious meltdown of Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. It’s hilarious and preposterous. But Heidi is the best actress in the world ever. Watch more of this insanity at The Hills’ site. There’s even a clip of Spencer punching somebody. Eww.


And just watch a big, fat Hills season trailer, if ya must!