Watch! The Hottest Performances From AfterEllen and AfterElton’s Hot 100

From Left to Right, Christopher Gorham, Piper Perabo, Andrew Garfield, Rachel McAdams, and Alex Pettyfer (not pictured: that ’it’ factor)

With the temperature going up every day and air conditioners across New York starting to drip their strange mixture of condensation on passersbys, (which I like to think of as Midtown crying) it seems like it’s the perfect time for After Ellen and After Elton’s Hot 100, AKA their lists of sexy people to put some super bass in the beginning of your summer.

Over at After Ellen, which has been putting together the list since 2007, there are a lot of new ladies who made the cut this year. Many of them are from TV shows, but the party also got some RSVPs from a slew of out musicians and plenty of actresses who play lesbians and bisexuals on the screen and stage.

After Elton has bestowed a new title on Prince Harry of Wales. His royal highness is now both a captain in the air corps and number 67 on After Elton’s Hot 100. Suck on that, James Middleton. A whopping 10,000 readers sent in submissions to After Elton’s so this hotness is crowd-sourced, ok? You are in good hands.

Since, similar to NASCAR or figure skating, hotness is much better appreciated in motion, here’s a roundup of some standouts from the lists shaking their a-game in front of a camera. (It’s a little Glee/Tony Awards heavy but what did you expect) For the whole lists, clear your afternoon and head on over to After Ellen and After Elton to check out the pics for yourself.




More sexy crooning after the break…



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