The “How Gay Was ‘Glee’?” Recap: Shirtless Boys, Loincloths, Adam Lambert & More


When you ask “What’s so gay about Glee?” the obvious answer is “everything.” But we’re here to break down the queerest bits of Glee into bit-sized morsels for your enjoyment. Think of us as your gay cheat sheet to Glee fandom.

You knew this week was going to be gay because it’s all about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga—it’s like shooting gay fish in a gay barrel. Plus Adam Lambert makes his debut, Kurt Hummel starts a band, and Dani is back to make eyes at Santana.


5. Who Needs Shirts Anyway?  Not the dudes at this high school! Sam waltzes around like a shirtless angel, they put shirtless Ryder in a cage, and by the end all the boys (minus Artie) are dancing around shirtless in loincloths.

glee demi lovato 3

4. Dantana. We didn’t get a lot, but there was a very sweet “babe” from Dani to Santana as they both opted to join the band. We’ll patiently await more sweet lady kisses, for now we’re just content with Demi Lovato on our screen, singing some Katy Perry.


3. Eye-Candy Bree.  Look, Bree is useless. That character is so not needed.  BUT, we can’t complain when she walks around school clad only in police tape a la Gaga. Once she’s back in her Cheerios uniform though, all bets are off.  She’s wasted space.


2. Adam Lambert’s Everything. Giant sparkling top hat? Check. Swinging from chandeliers? Check. Still looking adorable dressed down and in glasses? Check. Really great chemistry with Kurt Hummel? Check. Adam Lambert is the best new thing to happen to Glee since Darren Criss, and they better keep him around as long as possible.


1. Blaine’s Thighs.  Blaine’s thighs were just not going to be ignored this episode. First, we get the extremely revealed Gaga costume, the only redeeming factor of which was the flash of about as much leg as is legal on prime-time television. Then we doubled-up with the loincloth, vine-swinging moments during “Roar.” Well, Glee knows where its bread is buttered.