The “How Gay Was ‘Glee'” Recap: Jake Does Janet Jackson, Puppet Hallucinations, And More!

glee fox

When you ask “What’s so gay about Glee?” the obvious answer is “everything.” But we’re here to break down the queerest bits of Glee into bit-sized morsels for your enjoyment. Think of us as your gay cheat sheet to Glee fandom.

A puppet episode of a musical show can’t be anything but queer, and Glee didn’t disappoint. Yes, there were fisting jokes. Yes, it felt a little more Avenue Q than Sesame Street, and also Jake did some bare-chested dancing. It was everything to be thankful about this Thanksgiving.

glee puppets

5. Two Fisting Jokes. You can’t have a puppet episode on the gayest show on prime time without at least one fisting joke. Glee gave us two, plus an offhand comment about how puppet!Kurt would do anything Blaine said.  Bravo.

jake glee

4. Jake Is A Nasty Boy. We know we’re supposed to have learned that Jake’s nasty ways are trouble with a capital T.

But if they result in a bare-chested Jake doing a flawless Janet Jackson tribute they can’t be that bad.

kurt glee

3. Kurt Played With Himself? Blink and you missed it, but during “What Does The Fox Say?” number, there was some brief Kurt-on-Kurt action. Okay, it looked like he was trying to make out with his own Kurt puppet.

That’s some magical hallucinatory narcissism right there. Hot.

glee sue will2. Sue Dubbed Unique The Replacement Porcelain. When in dire need of a makeover Sue knows the cardinal rule of calling your best gay.

Alas, Kurt is in New York and she needed someone new. Of course there’s some stereotypical anti-trans comments, but Sue used to be pretty awful to Kurt back in the day, and got much better as time went on. Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

At any rate, at least we got to find out the true story behind her iconic warmup suit.

blaine glee

1. Engaged Fiances Are Engaged And Adorable. Some fans were frustrated by how little Glee has been addressing Kurt and Blaine as an engaged couple. Last week definitely kicked it up a notch, but we actually lost track of how many times Kurt, Blaine or other character referenced the couple’s engagement in this episode. From throwaway lines to Blaine pointing out engagement-ring ads to the mounting pressure he’s been feeling about the whole thing, it was nice to see the storyline front and center on an episode airing during a quintessential American holiday.