The “How Gay Was ‘Glee’?” Recap: Shirtless Kurt, Blaine Twerks & More

glee twerk

When you ask “What’s so gay about Glee?” the obvious answer is “everything.” But we’re here to break down the queerest bits of Glee into bit-sized morsels for your enjoyment. Think of us as your gay cheat sheet to Glee fandom.

The gang twerked their way through this week with some regrettable song choices and plots, but we definitely were rewarded with some eye candy and appealing mental images. Plus, a return to Glee’s “gay agenda” roots that didn’t leave us wanting to pull our hair out.


5. Kurt Hummel’s Nipples.  Okay not just his nipples, but his entire torso and back.  Aside from Artie, Kurt’s the only male teen character who hasn’t had to bare his chest for the adoring Glee public, but this week that all changed when Kurt showed off his unfortunately misspelled tattoo to Rachel. The pair went to get some ink together as a way of shaking themselves up in the wake of Finn’s passing.

We’re thankful the tat was imperfect, though, because it led to followup Kurt Hummel skin flashes.

4. Blaine Anderson’s Ass. The actual centerpiece and catalyist in the week of twerk at McKinley was Blaine’s secret twerking time in the choir room was exposed via video to his gleek-mates. This inspires everyone to twerk, but every time Blaine jiggled through the scenes you can’t help but watch his, well, assets do their thing.

3. A Failed Miley Moment. Despite all the twerk controversy, Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video is mesmerizing. Unfortunately Glee failed to capture that with their More-Wholesome-Than-G-Rated tribute. Marley swung on a fake-looking ball through fake-looking in blue shorts and tank with a sunshine background. Why even try to mirror the video and instead just interpret the song in a new way?  Glee really dropped the (wrecking) ball.

2. Um, Tongue Piercing? That’s right, after Kurt goes back to fix his misspelled tat, the artist throws in a tongue piercing free of charge. Kurt Hummel’s gone bad boy and we love it. When he gets home he tells Rachel he’s going to skype Blaine to show off his new additions, and maybe get some cyber sex out of the deal.

Why doesn’t Glee do deleted scenes?

unique glee

1. Unique.  After a bit of a hiatus from the Very Special Gay Episodes Glee used to churn out when Kurt was at McKinley, we actually got a fresh and relevant take on queer issues this week with Unique’s fraught bathroom situation. She’d been sneaking into the girls room during class so no one would be uncomfortable. But when she’s caught,  her “If I Were A Boy” solo was one of the stand-out musical moments of Glee this season, if not of all seasons. Chilling and exacting.

More Unique, please.