New York Comic Con: Hunks, Heroes, Homo Superior And More (PHOTOS)

nycc13-sora New York Comic Con

Photo via GeeksOut

Every October, sci-fi and fantasy fans descend on the New York Comic Con to find out what’s coming next in comic books, video games, action movies and TV shows, toys and more. They attend panels, pick up merch, catch movie screenings and meet celebrities.

The convention’s LGBT contingent has grown over the years, with booths run by Prism Comics and Geeks Out drawing queer and straight fans alike.

One of the best parts of the con is all the cosplay, as thousands of men and women drag themselves up as their favorite characters.

Check out some of the costumed crusaders from the 2013 New York Comic Con


Black Manta

hal miller black manta


starfire Colin Douglas Gray


A studly Daredevil


A pool of Deadpools



Stretching Spider-men

Cyclops (en route to Comic Con)


Gender bending X-Men like Storm
Magneto Mystique


White Queen/Emma Frost

She gets naughty

Ryu and 300’s Leonidas

God Of War’s Kratos

Beefy Ghostbusters member

Sonic’s got a donk

Dragon Ball’s Goku

Avatar’s Korra

Sailor Moon

Final Fantasy characters

FF Moogle and a Chocobo

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora (pictured above)

Sora also dressed up as Mario (here with Miley)

And he got felt up by John Barrowman: