NEW: Critics (Mostly) Love ‘The Ides Of March’

It turns out George Clooney really can do no wrong. Women, including all his exes, love him, he does not seem to be aging whatsoever and he always looks sharp and put together, both in life and on the red carpet. Oh, and he’s a pretty amazing actor, director and screenwriter too.

With his new film The Ides of March out tomorrow, which he wrote, directed and stars in, we rounded up a few reviews of the film. It turns out people like him. They really, really like him.

“Clooney certainly brings out the best in his actors, but his driving trait as a filmmaker is that he knows what plays — he has an uncanny sense of how to uncork a scene and let it bubble and flow.” –EW

“With the constant backroom arguing and threats of media scrutiny, the plot plays out like political intrigue on autopilot; it shouldn’t work as well as it does. The greatest credit goes to a widely agreeable set of performances. Giamatti may deliver a clichéd speech to knock down Gosling’s idealism, but he enlivens it with jumpy cynicism. Hoffman’s usual expression of muted frustration fits the role of a jaded veteran and Gosling was born to play this sort of young hustler.” –Indie Wire

“It’s a treat, though — a movie-saver, in fact — to watch Clooney dine out on a role with some unexpected side dishes, just as it’s a pleasure to soak up the atmospheric pleasures of “The Ides of March.” The political skulduggery unfolds in neat little exchanges, and the mood recalls various ’70s paranoia thrillers.” –Chicago Tribune

“There isn’t a false note in The Ides of March, and some very fine actors – Jeffrey Wright as a powerful U.S. senator, Marisa Tomei as a predatory political reporter, Jennifer Ehle as Morris’ wife – give substance and nuance to their brief time on screen.” –Philadelphia Inquirer

“It’s tempting to praise The Ides of March as a realistic depiction of how low we’ve sunk. But that would mean accepting the second-rate writing and third-rate melodrama and incredible shrinking characters.” –NY Mag