6 Tips for the Perfect “L Word: Generation Q” Watch Party

Make a beeline for The Planet, 'cause "The L Word" is back.

The world premiere of The L Word: Generation Q, a.k.a. the lesbian Superbowl, is fast-approaching, and it’s safe to say the queer community is ready for this reboot.

Below, find six tips to throw the perfect L Word reboot watch party when the series premieres tonight, Sunday, December 8 at 10pm ET on Showtime—advice for mitigating squabbles between exes notwithstanding.

  1. Curate that guest list


    If the ladies of The L Word’s original run taught us anything, it’s that a little dyke drama in any small circle of queer women is unavoidable. That said, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize conflict at your get-together, chief of which is strategically curating the guest list to your watch party.

    Thinking of inviting that hot butch down the block who smashed your heart to smithereens? Hard pass. How about hitting up an ex with the party deets as a gesture of good faith? Maybe think again, or confide in a trusted queer friend for their input.

  2. Have a white board and a marker handy, ’cause The Chart™ will be referenced


    In Season 1 of the original series, Alice (Leisha Hailey) introduces “the Chart,” a diagram she uses to visually represent how the women in her circle are sexually or romantically linked. The Chart became an enduring cultural touchstone among queer women—so much so that when I watched the series for the first time earlier this year, I was already familiar with the reference.

    All this to say, have a white board and some dry-erase markers on hand. Starting a new “chart” for the fresh-faced cast of L Word: Generation Q stars might be a fun game. (Bonus idea: If you’re feeling particularly chaotic, dare your guests to make a chart with one of the attendees, or yourself, as the nucleus. Dyke drama abound!)

  3. Brush up on your L Word expertise…


    Are your memories of the original series’ many convoluted plotlines blurrier than a night out at the Dinah Shore? Perhaps you’re just trying to impress a cute girl who’s an OG L Word superfan? Brush up on the basics with To L and Back, Autostraddle’s bespoke L Word recap podcast. The hosts are currently on Season 3, but they plan to revisit every episode from all six seasons.

  4. …but pretend Season 6 didn’t happen


    Let’s put that dumpster fire of questionable trans representation and the unexplained death of a major character behind us. But who knows? If this cryptic tweet from star Mia Kirshner is anything to go by, Jenny Schecter might not be dead after all.

  5. Get to know the faces of Generation Q

    Amanda Edwards/WireImage

    We all know Alice, Bette (Jennifer Beals), and Shane (Kate Moennig) will be reprising their iconic roles from the original L Word. But what about the new kids in town? Familiarize yourself with these fresh faces by reading up on the cast and character profiles, and revisiting the trailer for Generation Q before you tune in to the premiere.

  6. Follow @LogoTV on Twitter for the play-by-play


    We’ll be live-tweeting tonight’s premiere, so double-check that you’re following @LogoTV on Twitter before the clock strikes 10!

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