Marry a Man: Franco, Between Two Ferns and The Lonely Island

What does spring break have in common with elegant same-sex vows? Only James Franco and his friends from The Lonely Island know.

The latest edition of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis begins as an episode normally does, with the actor gruffly interviewing his guest James Franco in the most mocking way possibly, taking pot shots at his art projects and Oscar hosting. Then he welcomes their musical guest,¬†The¬†Lonely Island (Best known for all those SNL Digital shorts). That’s when things get weird.

The live performance segues into a music video for “Spring Break Anthem” which has much of what you’d expect of a spring break video, with girls in bikinis, people doing shots, and guys trading beads for views of girls’ breasts. But the chorus, inexplicably, invites you to marry a man. At first it just seems a throwaway line, but each time the chorus comes around, we have two men in different settings, planning their wedding, tasting cakes, exchanging vows, or indeed, exchanging spit. They range from the typical The Lonely Island players of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg to Galifianakis, Franco, Edward Norton and more, dressed in formal attire.

Not that I expect much in an Andy Samberg led Lonely Island rap to make sense, but perhaps the point here is just the juxtaposition of elegant same-sex vows and spring break debauchery. Or maybe I’m just not hip enough to understand. What do you think the message is?

The Lonely Island’s new album The Wack Album, comes out June 11th.

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