NOW VIDEO: ‘The Lorax’ Hates Truffula Trees

The Lorax is a wonderful fable that teaches children, and adults, a valuable lesson about environmentalism and the downside of industrialization. Thanks to the book’s author, Dr. Seuss, we realize how destroying nature to satisfy our own selfish needs has severe repercussions. The film adaptation of this children’s classic seems to miss the point however.

This soon to be released movie has taken a generous sum of money from Mazda to promote their new SUV. Their “fuel efficient” SUV. Because in a tale of how we are destroying the environment an oversized car that kills the environment less is a good thing. Right?

Worst of all, this is a film that will surely make a sizable chunk of change without sponsorships or tie-ins, so there is really no need for Mazda money. Save profits.

To be fair though, not all social commentary is lost with the pic. The film’s star Zac Efron is wrapping it up, much to Karen Handel’s chagrin no doubt.

Mr. Colbert says it best above.