The Marsha F*cking Brady Of The Upper East Side Attends “Cruel Intentions: The Musical”


First things first: Happy birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

When we first heard rumblings of a Cruel Intentions musical, we were a little skeptical. The iconic 90s classic is a cultural touchstone and if the subsequent sequels to the film told us anything, some things are best left untouched.


Plus, it was hard to imagine a melodious way to deliver: “I’m the Marsha fucking Brady of the Upper East Side and sometimes I want to kill myself.”

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But our snap-judgment might have been swayed after SMG attended the show over the weekend with her former co-star Sean Patrick Thomas as well as the film’s original director Roger Kumball.

Gellar gave the show her adorable tweet of approval:

“We were babies when we made the film. I was 20! I celebrated my 21st birthday during filming,” Gellar told People Magazine. “It had to be some form of child abuse doing the things I did in that movie.”


“Sometimes I’ll be flipping channels, and it’ll be on. But then I think, ’My God, there has to be something better to do with my time then watching myself.’ So if it’s a scene with someone else, I’ll watch it. But if it’s me, I have to turn it off.”