The Men Of Aspen Gay Ski Week Heat Things Up With Super-Sexy Onesies

Is there room in there for two?

It was a chilly week on the mountain at Aspen Gay Ski Week — at least whenever Max Emerson left the room and took the heat with him.

The boys were just about freezing their tits off playing in the snow every day, but we made sure to keep them toasty warm at night with a full stock of Logo onesies.

Those in attendance were lucky enough to pick up their own on the mountain and, judging by the wave of dudes suiting up and posting up on Instagram, we’d say they’re a pretty hot commodity right now.

Strangely enough, it seems like the most popular way to wear a onesie is with the front unbuttoned and no *visible* underwear underneath. Who knew?!

Check out some of the babes of Aspen Gay Ski Week in their onesies below, and catch Logo Presents Aspen Gay Ski Week, starting January 28 and ending with the New Now Next Honors on February 1 at 10pm, only on Logo.

lets have a ski ski. @logotv

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Woke up to find this on my couch. Not a bad first sight of the day #aspengayskiweek @logotv

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Thanks for the free #aspengayskiweek stuff @logotv. Next year invite me! #swagporn #staghorn

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❄️☕️ #gmornin #kibbythecalico Thanks #LogoTV for the swag! #AspenGaySkiWeek airs tonight! ⛷

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Thanks for the union suit and winter hat #aspengayskiweek

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And of course, the one that got away —

Loving my #aspengayskiweek bath robe

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