The Mets Are Superheroes, Zac Efron Gets No Respect: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Dylan Sprayberry fails at looking mean, Hugh Jackman cheats on his diet, baby Jensen Ackles is adorable

Well, this is depressing. One might say dismal

One of the reasons David and I aren't into gulls. #Banksy

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It’s so hard to get respect when you’re so pretty

They love me #neighbors2

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He does look good in a suit, but I still prefer him shirtless

Thanks @ted_baker for helping me look sharp tonight #springawakening #opening and @tony_marion for the hookup

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Congrats on making it 5x as long as Kim Kardashian

Married one year ago today. Thanks for an amazing 1st year @geroldschroeder! Here is to many more!

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Somebody partied too hard for their birthday

Im not sure what day it iz.

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I’m still amazed that a theater actor like Victor Garber signed on to a superhero show

It's @therealvictorgarber! For real! Now on @Instagram. #ProfessorStein #FirestormsBrainyHalf

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Sorry, werepup, you can’t be the new sourwolf

Eat too much and you won’t be able to steer back home

I guess he doesn’t stick to the stage when he performs

It’s always good to see a celebrity help someone support a cause. Especially in that thin t-shirt

Look at baby Jensen!

The stars continue to take all the tickets to Hamilton

OK, some forms of hazing might be acceptable

These are not the type of people I’m used to seeing at a flea market

And on a more serious note, this is important stuff. When someone comes out to you as HIV+, there are many ways to make it easier on them, and so many ways you can inadvertently make it worse. And online, don’t be a dick to a poz guy looking for dick.

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