The Morning Meme (Friday, December 04, 2009)

Chris Colfer appeared on Chelsea Lately last night, and we can say definitively that he is 100% out. For a moment I thought Chelsea was dragging the poor boy out, but if she didn’t discuss it ahead of time, he definitely rolled with it, even joking that before he was out, he used to say "I’m exactly as straight as every other actor in Hollywood." Personally, I’m glad it’s all settled, he’s said it straight out on video, and we can move on. Chelsea gave him a lot of love for bravery, and so do I, since I was nowhere near this put together at 19.

Adam Lambert autographed CDs are being auctioned off for Adam’s Donor’s Choose project, which we’ve written about before. There are 3 discs available, and the low bid at this point is $280, so good luck.

Speaking of Adam, GLAAD has issued a clarification of their discussions with ABC concerning Adam. Since they seemed concerned their previous comments were taken out of context, let me quote what we got:

Since his American Music Awards performance occurred
GLAAD has consistently advocated that Adam Lambert and openly gay artists not
be held to a double standard. As we have expressed publicly, it is
disappointing that ABC will not give Lambert a chance to perform at this time.
GLAAD’s discussions with ABC focused on confirming that his sexual orientation
was not a factor in their decisions. ABC confirmed this is not about a same-sex
kiss or his sexual orientation but about being “caught off guard.” GLAAD asked
ABC and calls on them for clarification on “caught off guard” so that the
community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the

Speaking of things that sexuality killed, Dollhouse is beginning its series wind down, and Joss Whedon sat down with the Chicago Tribune for a long, long, long, long chat. Seriously, it’s a good thing this is the Friday Meme, because you’re going to need the weekend to get through this. He basically says that Dollhouse failed because Fox got squeamish about sexuality in the show. I’m not surprised. He also talks about Glee and Dr. Horrible Sequel, and manages to mock Neil Patrick Harris fairly well. I’m just sad we didn’t see more of Victor. Lots more of Victor.

In things that make right-winger’s heads explode, a New York City Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) fundraiser has a performance of a play called Santa Claus is Coming Out. They hate that Santa might be sexualized, because that would be evil. But I thought they believed Santa was evil anyhow, because he took Christmas away from Jesus. Who took it away from…never mind, I’ll behave. By the way, you can purchase tickets to the fundraiser if you’d like.

Rufus Wainwright was asked to name his top ten gay icons. He was terribly creative in his choices: Dusty Springfield, Kylie, Barbra, some lady named Stevie Nicks no one here ever heard of. But it was his creative descriptions that caught my eye – for example:

Madonna There’s a dark force at work here – she
subverts everything for her own gain. I went to see her London show and
it was all so dour and humorless. She surpasses even Joan Crawford in
terms of megalomania. Which in itself makes her a kind of dark gay icon 

I don’t really consider this piece to be political, per se, but more of satirical commentary, which makes it art. A group in Colorado thinks that as a response to marriage equality being defeated, again, now in New York, gays should secede from the U.S., and take the cool west coast states with us. They have a plan, and I like their choice in real estate.

The Catholic Cardinal that I mentioned yesterday morning that said gays were "barred from heaven" but shouldn’t be discriminated against? Yeah, the Vatican says he doesn’t speak for them. They weren’t really clear whether they disagreed that we wouldn’t be allowed into heaven, or that they felt we should be discriminated against. Given the source…

It’s Christmas, so it must be time to decorate the house, or if in an apartment or business, the windows. In the house category, we have a new high-tech, computer controlled home that uses thousands in control hardware and software, including a brand-name software database, which was a first to me. There’s video. Or on the business side, in New York City, you have a clothing line paying models to text, chat, brush their hair, and dress and undress in a shop window for Christmas. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a size 0 in her underwear twittering. Naturally there’s video of girls in their undies.

Something else about store front windows in New York City – you can’t roll down those solid metal garage doors when you close anymore. The city council has outlawed them, and is now going to require new, pretty, see-through style security grates. Where will grafitti artists and gangs spray their tags?

In other Christmas news, a man dressed as an elf entered a mall in Georgia carrying a bag, waited patiently in line to see Santa, and when it was his turn, he declared he had dynamite in the bag and threatened to blow up the mall. Santa immediately put him on the naughty list, and security took him down.

In news that gives me a case of the sads, Cody, the chocolate labrador that greets customers at a convenience store in Florida, has been downsized. Seems the health department came and told the owner that despite the fact that nothing sold in a convenience store could be properly called "food" Cody still had to go. It’s a shame, since he looked so cute in the shirt and nametag.

In cool sciencey stuff, it’s been announced that 25 games of the FIFA World Cup will be broadcast in 3-D, live, in partnership with Sony. The viewings will take place in movie theaters worldwide, unless your part of the world calls it soccer instead of football, because none of the sites are in North America.

Other cool nerdy stuff is that a German company is working on military-grade jetpacks that can be used by special forces to glide 30+ miles. Well, actually, they haven’t added the jets yet, it’s more like wings, but they think adding the jets would be super-duper cool.

All those ridiculous computer interfaces you see in movies that look great, but seem fairly unusable? Well, Mark Coleran probably designed them. And his website details pictures from the movies and TV shows he’s done work for. Down in Video Meme we’ll have video of his work as well.

By now you’ve probably figured out by now that I enjoy reading David Sedaris. One the first things I ever read by him was The Santaland Diaries, about his demoralizing holiday season spent working as an elf in Santa’s village. Now that’s a play, starring Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it’s getting good reviews at the Blank Theater Company in Hollywood. Plus it’s fun seeing Xander dressed up with shoes with curly toes without there being a demon involved.

Newsweek has an interesting article on a novel approach to research on an AIDS vaccine that Sudhir Paul is working on. But not only is the research novel, so is the way he’s paying for it, with a large number of small $50 donations from the public. Quite a few members of Hollywood have lined up to do PSAs for his fund raising, from Tilda Swinton to Wilson Cruz.

In art news, we have a throne built entirely from NES cartridges. It’s pretty awesome as an example of geek devotion, but I have to wonder what qualifies you to sit on a throne made of game cartridges? Rescuing the princess? Which princess? Is there a prince I can rescue instead? Or at least an elf I can shag?

The DC Agenda is the successor to the Washington Blade in our capitol, but how did they arrive at that name? Consensus. Well, consensus around the only remaining name that still had an available domain name. And yes, they’re aware of what a loaded word "agenda" is for the gay community.

In our gift idea section, we have some serious synergy. First, we’ll start off with a boxed gift set with four types of Patrón in a clear acrylic case for $80. You can buy this for most of your drunk friends, but not me. I have a restraining order for any form of tequila. It was an abusive relationship. As a companion gift, you can buy a personal breathalyzer, the Alcohawk, for $70-$150, so you know when the tequila won the fight and you need to toss in the keys.

Photo Meme

While Chris Colfer was doing Chelsea Lately, his castmates were in NYC doing Carole-Oke, a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. And they looked like they’d been in the eggnog on the way over. Nice antlers!

Cory Moneth gets his reindeer on. Pic: Getty

Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Amber Riley. Pic: Getty

Video Meme

As promised, we have the design reel for Mark Coleran and all those fantastical fake computer interfaces from TV and movies.

This Beer Bottle Dominoes video is astounding, because I don’t know how you drink enough to get the raw materials to set it up without killing enough brain cells that you’re not smart enough to set it up. But the fact that the designers added a personal payoff at the end is so cool.

This one is and old one, but I loved Laughing Gas Kid, and I love that his father thought it was cool to video tape it and give it to the world. Most kids have to wait until college or at least high school, to get filmed in this state. And why did dad even have the camera with him?

This video done over one summer in Ottawa caught my eye for a couple reasons. First, I love time lapse stuff. Second, I’ve been a lot of places in Canada, but Ottawa isn’t one of them, and the city looks really cool. But really, if this is what people eat there, why aren’t you all dead of a heart attack? Beaver tails? Really?

And finally, in a sign that networks are just freaking stupid when it comes to men and sex, I was watching Jay Leno last night (don’t judge me, I was writing this and needed something mindless), and Jay went out to the streets for his "Jaywalking" segment, where he asks people simple questions to see how stupid they are. But as dumb as these people were, they couldn’t hold a candle to the censors at NBC. Jay held up a picture of Michelangelo’s "David",one of the most famous pieces of classical art in the world. They blurred out David’s junk. I kid you not. This is what Adam Lambert has brought us!


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