The Most Useful Videos From Last Night’s Debate

Obama and Mitt Duke it Out

Obama/Romney Debate (Getty)

The turnaround time for debate-mocking memes, tumblr sites, and fake Twitter feeds is about as long as it took the word “binder” to come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth last night. But the staying power and usefulness of things like the bindersfullofwomen tumblr are minimal. Memes make you laugh, sure, but what do they teach? If you’re looking for your debate satire to be a little more educational, look to the the meme’s slow-cooked grandpa: the video! Sure, they take several minutes longer to make than a picture of Patrick Swayze saying “No one puts baby in a binder” takes to save in Microsoft Paint, but what they lack in quickness they make up for with their ability to simultaneously make you smile while allowing  you  to be passably up-to-speed on what happened during the debate in case you blacked out/didn’t watch it.

We spent several minutes going through what, given another hour or two, will be a wealth of really thoughtful and carefully edited video recaps to find the best of what the internet has to offer this very moment.

Starting things off is this video, which managed to cram each of the question-askers into under four minutes of extremely uncomfortable footage. Look for notable appearances by Jeremy, awkward college student in an ill-fitting suit; Mary, everyone’s favorite scary (and forgetful) aunt; and the very, very, very tired Nina.

And while she wasn’t slowly brushing back her hair and yawning, Nina wanted to know what the debaters would do about criminals with AK-47s. Exactly, said Mitt Romney. How will he fix the economy? What will he do about Libya? With what does he plan to replace Michelle’s organic garden? With numbers. The answer is numbers. And he used a lot of them last light, even though numbers have gotten him into trouble before. While barely taking a breath, he said the actual unemployment rate is 10.7 percent and not 7.8 percent and that his 5-point plan will create 12 million new jobs to help the 23 million people who are unemployed. Phew! A perk of this math-heavy video is its slapsticky use of Lou Bega’s 1999 hit “Mambo No. 5” as background music.

One more sticking point of last night’s debate? President Obama’s frequent accusations that Gov. Romney is a liar (along with his admission that Mitt’s pension is bigger). Bone up on all the president’s jabs with this short and sweet revisiting of all the times Barry said Mitt’s pants were on fire with this video compilation.

And we’re out of euphemisms.

Enjoy this Auto-Tuned version of the debate by Youtube video duo the Gregory brothers below.