The Naked Warwick Rowers Aren’t Done Reminding You About Their Cheeky 2016 Calendar

"Sports should be fun. And so should looking at naked sportsmen."

The men of Warwick University’s rowing team know there’s huge competition in the 2016 calendar department, so they’re making sure you don’t forget about their fully-nude offering by teasing some brand new shots on Instagram.

Each year, the guys put out a cheeky calendar and donate the proceeds from sales to Sport Allies, an organization working to end homophobia in sports.

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Needless to say, their work is very important. “We want to show the kind of men we aspire to be,” a teammate says in their 2016 promotional video. “The kind of sportsmen that we think the world needs to see more of: Men who are not afraid to be themselves, to embrace people of every gender and sexuality, and to show our affection for each other. Because we think that’s a message everyone needs to hear.”

@willj_wr, @luucas_etienne and @tristan_wr, getting to know Somerset the horse. Why the long face? #wr16 #horsewithladz

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Below, check out some of the team’s newest offerings and visit their website to pick up your own copy of the 2016 Warwick Rowers calendar.

@tristan_wr practising his #haka ahead of the Rugby World Cup Final. #rwc2015 #NZL #AUS #wr16

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