12 Reasons Why “The Nanny” Is The Gayest Sitcom Of All Time

Miss Fine!

Twenty-three years ago The Nanny debuted on CBS and introduced us to Fran Fine, an unbridled force of nature from Queens who nestled into an uptight Upper East Side family.

Though heterosexual to a fault, Fran was a QWEEN who could read a bitch, kiki with her girlfriend and still walk out the door looking sickening.

the nanny

With the beloved show back on Logo, we’re singling out the 12 gayest things about The Nanny.

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  1. Divas, divas, divas!


    Everyone from Joan Collins and Bette Midler to Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John made guest appearances over the show’s six seasons.

  2. Barbra!

    Funny Girl Streisand

    Fran lived for Barbra Streisand—hell, she paid $200 for a wad of gum that had been stuck to the bottom of Bab’s shoe—and continually connived to meet her idol.

    In the first season, Fran swooped in when C.C. turned down the chance to go a Barbra Streisand concert with her father. In the last season, despite being pregnant and ordered on bed rest, Fran rushed out of the hospital to try and meet Barbra at the Sheffields’ home. #dedication

  3. Maxwell Sheffield

    the nanny

    Fran’s boss and chief love interest was a Broadway producer, British, and did everything he could to keep her at arm’s length.

    How many times were he and Niles caught in a compromising position?

    the nanny niles maxwell

    Also, who still has a butler in 1996?

  4. Fran’s lesbian moments

    the nanny pic

    Miss Fine was an inveterate manhunter, but she sometimes contemplated playing for the other team. And the Nanny gave us plenty of moments of Fran and BFF Val (Rachel Chagall) bickering like an old married couple.

    fran val the nanny

    The third-season episode “Oy Vey, You’re Gay” featured Dynasty’s Catherine Oxenberg as a lesbian PR maven with Fran in her sights. (The only reason Sylvia opposed the match was that Sydney wasn’t Jewish!)

  5. Fran dressed like a drag queen


    Like any good drag diva, Fran’s fashion sense was over-the-top but still phenomenally stylish.


    She donned more outrageous disguises than Lucy Ricardo—from smooth-talker Bobbi Fleckman to her own grandma Yetta. In the second-season episode “Stock Tip,” Fran did male drag in order to corner Mr. Sheffield in an exclusive men’s club.

    Maxwell admitted he was oddly attracted to her male persona, declaring “I thought all those years of working in musical theater finally took their toll on me.”

    In another episode, Mr. Sheffield was hiding Cher in his home and Fran’s cross-dressing cousin Ira has to perform “Gypsy, Tramps & Thieves” to throw the paparazzi off the scent.

  6. What was up with Niles and C.C?

    niles the nanny

    These two sidekicks came for each other like rival pageant queens—and threw more shade than a lamppost.

    niles cc the nanny

  7. She’s got flair!

    the nanny

  8. Broadway!

    the nanny tyne daly

    With Mr. Sheffield job as a heterosexual (ahem) musical-theater producer, The Nanny could pull in all kinds of Broadway schtick—from Fran spoiling Maxwell’s latest flop to appearances by Carol Channing, Marvin Hamlish and Tyne Daly.

    the nanny

    And only The Nanny had two theme songs with Broadway connections: For the pilot, producers used Gwen Verdon’s “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from Sweet Charity. When the show aired, Broadway sisters Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway’s “The Nanny Named Fran” was used.

    “So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield’s door/She was there to sell make up but the father saw more…”

  9. Cousin Toddy


    Ever wonder how Fran Fine got such amazing outfits on a nanny’s salary? Part of it was knowing when Loehmann’s was having a sale, but the other half was relying on her fashion-fabulous Cousin Toddy, a.k.a. designer Todd Oldham—for couture shmatas.

  10. The not-so-gay manny

    the nanny

    In the second-season episode “A Fine Friendship”, Fran befriends cute male nanny Kurt (Christopher Rich) and assumes he’s gay— thanks to his great body, knowledge of Broadway and perfectly coiffed blond hair.

    But it turns out he’s straight—and into Fran.

  11. Maggie’s yummy boyfriend


    In Season Six,, Maggie took notes on Fran’s manhunting ways and bagged  Michael (Andrew Levitas) a hot, rich male model with an underwear ad in Times Square.


    Levitas would later play gay in the movies Psycho Beach Party and Hell Bent.

  12. Her husband was gay

    No, not Mr.Sheffield: Fran Drescher co-produced The Nanny with her real-life husband, Peter Marc Jacobson. In 1999, Jacobson came out as gay and the couple split, though they remain good friends.

    In fact, their story inspired Drescher’s TV Land comedy, Happily Divorced.

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