The Avengers Welcomes Its First Gay Member, New “Incredibles” Movie, Recasting “Game Of Thrones”: Geek Like Me

Plus: Ian McKellen is a work of art.
bloodstone avengers.jpg

Marvel’s Avengers Underground debuted last week, adding the first gay do-gooder to the pantheon of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. (Granted, Avengers West Coast member Lightning Lord was revealed to be gay in a single panel of Great Lakes Avengers #2, but he’s basically never been seen again. )

Underground starts where last year’s Avengers Arena ended: With a group of super-teens recovering from being kidnapped and abused by the psychotic villain Arcade. “It’s the story of a bunch of damaged teenagers who hatch a plan to get their superhero lives back only to find that maybe they fit in better with the villains,” says series writer Dennis Hopeless.

Each member is dealing with the trauma differently but Cullen Bloodstone, the team’s resident gay, has gone off the deep end: An expert hunter who can transform into a giant reptilian monster, Bloodstone is obsessed with tracking Arcade down and killing him.

He’s not in a good place.

The good news is Bloodstone is nothing like your stereotypical gay—he’s monstrously strong but neither witty nor well-dressed. The bad news is he’s misanthropic and unpopular, nurses a crush on his straight teammate and, oh yeah, turns into a 300-foot iguana if he takes his magic ring off.

I’ll keep reading to see where Hopeless and artist Kev Walker are taking Cullen and the gang.

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the incredibles

Disney and Pixar are finally prepping the long-anticipated sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles! The film’s website posted a message that “we’re currently working on a new film featuring your favorite characters from The Incredibles!” 

And Variety
that Disney CEO confirmed Incredibles director Brad Bird is writing the sequel, in-between working on Disney’s live-action Tomorrowland.  “I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have,” Bird said last year. “Because I love those characters and love that world.”

If you just can’t wait, the original Incredibles will be re-released in 3D sometime before next year.


Vanity Fair put the cast of Game of Thrones on the cover this month, shot in gorgeous color by Annie Leibovitz. On the magazine’s website, they asked the show’s stars which GoT characters they’d give up their roles for. Emilia Clarke as Tyrion Lannister? Kit Harrington as Joffrey? Lena Headey as Brienne? We’d watch the hell out of any of them.

ian mckellen

Sir Ian McKellen is one of the greatest actors and gay activists of our time, so its only fitting he’s the latest personality to be fetted with a gallery show by the fine folks at Geeks Out.

Following in the tradition of 2012’s Takei Back the Night (which honored George Takei) and 2013’s Dream Weaver (which celebrated Sigourney Weaver), the group is celebrating McKellen with McKellen Me Softly, a one-night-only exhibition of artworks inspired by his storied career.

On May 29, original works by comic artists, illustrators, graphic designers and fans will be raffled off, with ticket sales benefiting Geeks Out’s mission to bring LGBT inclusion at comic and sci-fi conventions nationwide.

Have a knack for drawing Gandalf? Always wanted a Magneto bust for your living room? Find out more on the McKellen Me Softly website.