The New “Magic Mike XXL” Trailer Is Virtually Matt Bomer-less (And We’re Offended)

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No cornucopia could give us a feast as satiating as an oiled-up Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. But keeping it 100, it’s Matt Bomer’s booty that made the film a true classic.

So we’re disappointed we didn’t get to see much of Bomer in the new trailer for Magic Mike XXL.


I mean, when we first learned that  Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer would not be returning for the sequel, we got worried.

When we heard Bomer’s character, Ken, was returning, our minds were put at east. This was us at the time.


But now the new trailer gives more screen time to Jada Pinkett Smith than Matt. (Not that we don’t love us some Miss Jada.)

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There’s a quick shot of him meditating in a sarong on the beach. Soak it up, folks.

matt bomer

While we’re not going to make any assumptions here, we really hope they’re saving the Full Matty for the movie itself.

Take a look at the new Magic Mike XXL trailer below.