“The New Normal” 106 Recap: Pretend Wedding!

So, for anyone who is not a fan of Wilbur (the mini Joseph Gordon-Levitt clone) this will not be the episode for you. However, if (like me) you find the little scamp hilarious, then you probably be over the moon about last night’s episode.

  • At Shania’s request, Goldie has invited the boys to Olive Garden Bread Stix, an unnamed but obviously low-end Italian restaurant where they serve real ranch dressing and bread sticks.
  • Bravid go along with a minimum of snark because they love Goldie and Shania.

  • Shania has a big announcement! Wilbur has asked to fake-marry her! I mean, if a budding JGL clone asked you to get pretend-married (and you were 10), what would you do?
  • Of course, this is just a vehicle to talk about gay marriage and specifically what our boys think about the idea. But I think it is a clever way to approach the subject.
  • For those who think it’s absurd for kids this young to do anything even remotely like dating, it’s actually not. My friend’s daughter had several crushes long before she hit puberty. Kids these days grow up in a very different world. And really, it’s not that much different from playing house.
  • After dinner, we have a “Bravid in Bed” scene which I am happy to say is a staple of this show. Bryan thinks the pretend-wedding is adorable while David is indifferent.
  • We get a flashback to one of their early dates, which is something I would love to see as a staple of the show. Bryan has taken David to a trendy restaurant. When he asks what David thinks of all the “beautiful people” our sweet little nerd looks into his eyes and says, “I only see one.” And my heart dissolves into goo.

  • They discuss two important subjects. One is the marriage issue. David states that he refuses to even consider marriage until it is legal across the U.S.. Bryan then asks about kids, which proves what I was thinking — the scene in the store with the cute kid was not the first time he had considered fatherhood. David says, with an adorable smile, that he wants kids — with the right guy.
  • Bravid in Bed scene ends with them slipping into each other’s arms for what I presume to be a little nookie Take that, One Million Moms!
  • We also get a flashback of when Clay proposed to Goldie in which he was tragically fully-clothed. The only redeeming quality of Clay is his casual relationship with modesty.
  • Bryan, being the host with the most that he is, throws himself into the job of catering Shania’s pretend-wedding. Rocky is pressed into service, offering her organizational skills and dry commentary.
  • Nana, predictably, flips her wig. Rumors of her having reformed were clearly exaggerated, because she tears into everyone over the idea of Shania getting fake-married.
  • The pretend-wedding gets underway, and I want to point out something that really impressed me about Bryan here. Obviously, he was using this as an excuse to plan a ceremony he felt he would never have, but he still didn’t make it all about him. That’s what the sort of stereotypical character he is accused of being would do. He set up a sundae bar, which is clearly for kids. And he quashed his inner designer diva and gave Shania total approval on the dress she designed and her mother had made her.
  • Wilbur is having the jitters. David assures him since the entire ceremony is meaningless, he doesn’t need to worry. Bryan overhears and doesn’t make a scene — something else he would do if he were the stereotype some think.
  • Clint, Rocky’s cute brother, shows up to officiate. We get more sweet flirting between him and Goldie, and I am really excited about this pairing. Clint is sweet and I want to see Goldie in a happy relationship. And it will make Nana’s head explode.

  • Shania makes a wonderful speech about how love is being with the person who likes and accepts everything about you. It makes Bryan weepy.
  • Nana’s sabotage comes into play as three girls stand up and lay out what a cad Wilbur is. He cops to it and earnestly tells Shania, “You can take the player out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the player.” Wise words, little JGL clone.
  • We get another great moment of growth for Goldie when she lays into Nana for what she did to Shania. She tells Jane to go home — and not to the Best Western. She wants Nana out of their lives. Nana refuses, but it was good to see Goldie in Mama Bear mode.
  • David brings Bryan to his office where Goldie is waiting. With images of their unborn baby on the screen, David gets down on one knee and tearfully proposes to Bryan. And it’s beautiful and I get all choked up.

Best Line:

“I read that Madonna can’t die. She had a procedure done.”

Best Performance: Well, between his adorkable nerd self in the flashback to his righteous gay crusader spiels to his tearful proposal, I think David earned it.

Gayest Moment: David proposing to Bryan in front of a sonogram of their gayby. I mean, come on!

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