“The New Normal” 110 Recap: Half Breed

What do you call a show that can make you laugh out loud and tear up in the space of twenty minutes? Do you know? Because I sure don’t.

The New Normal reminds me of a kitten chasing a laser pointer dot where the writers are the kitten and the dot is brilliance. Sometimes they miss by inches, sometimes they’re looking for the dot under the sofa when it’s behind them and then there are times when they just pounce it square on.

Last night’s episode reminded me why I fell in love with this show.

  • We begin with David talking about how he really hopes their baby is a boy. He’s dreamed his whole life of raising a son. Most guys can relate to that, I think.
  • Bravid have decided to wait to find out, however, until the baby is born. I don’t really understand why couples do this, personally. Their decision to wait is blown out of the water by Goldie letting it slip whilst talking to Bryan while they decorate the nursery.
  • Bryan, clearly, was hoping for a girl. This is the first instance in this episode where it seems they are assigning Bryan the “woman” role in the relationship and it annoys me. Bryan may not be the typical guy, but he’s not a woman either.
  • Bryan runs off to David and spills the beans. Now, this was kind of a dick move, since David didn’t want to know, but it was the right thing to do. There was no way Bryan could hope to keep the secret for five months or however long we have left. It was better to just get it over and done with.
  • David, of course, is ecstatic as all his dreams come true. He doesn’t notice that Bryan is not so happy.
  • Shania has to do a school presentation on a great female icon. And she does a Cher impersonation and it’s awesome and I love her so much. Bebe Wood is a treasure. (If you agree, vote for her in the Hot in Hollywood: Child Actor We Don’t Hate poll)

  • In preparation for having a son, David coaches a pee-wee football team for a weekend.
  • It looks like the show is about to commit another annoying “Bryan is the woman” mistake by having him hanging out with the wives. And then, to my delight, he gets tired of them and goes to join the guys. It’s such a wonderful commentary on gender stereotypes. People think that if a guy isn’t into usual guy things he must automatically be one of the girls. But Bryan clearly doesn’t quite fit into either world.
  • Shania gets suspended for her rendition of Half Breed which is an injustice that Goldie rightfully challenges. Her loss against the school officials causes her to rethink her path.
  • Things come to a head with Bryan and David when David cheerily starts to change the decor of the nursery to be more masculine. Bryan is upset, but unlike certain other gay characters *cough* Cam *cough* he doesn’t get hysterical. He makes a very heart-wrenching case that he is terrified that he won’t relate to their son and that their son will love David more. I just want to hug him.

  • When the next pee wee game is called on account of rain, Bryan is asked to order pizzas. Instead, he creates a “make your own pizza” buffet which is a total hit. Just like with the fake-wedding episode, we see that Bryan does get kids and he will be an awesome dad.
  • The episode ends with two beautiful moments. One, Goldie apparently lays to rest her impetuous plan to become a lawyer as she looks at the various outfits she has made Shania over the season. Maybe she’ll start making kids costumes?
  • And Bryan leads David into the finished nursery, which is now blue and decked out with sports stuff and it’s perfect. It’s an apology from Bryan and a demonstration that this child will be the most loved little boy in the history of the world. I got all teary.

Funniest Bit:

Bryan: How long do these games usually last?

Soccer Mom: Usually a whole bottle of wine.

Best Performance: Shania, hands down, rocked that Cher impersonation.

Gayest Moment: Shania performing Half Breed.

Missed last night’s episode? Watch it now!