The Penthaus Party Rises To Claim New York City: PHOTOS


(Photos: Richard Burrowes)

Friday night in New York are all about PentHaus, the red-hot party produced by Alan Picus and Justin Luke of It’s become the go-to destination for 20something gays, and even a monsoon (not Jinkx, a real deluge) didn’t keep the cuties away from the rooftop of the Cobacabana. We pulled Luke aside to find out how PentHaus has become the biggest bash in Gotham.

“Penthaus blew up for a few reasons,” he reveals. “First, gay New York needed a new, big Friday-night dance party.” He also credits the club’s convenient location in the heart of the Hell’s Kitchen gayborhood and the exclusivity of a rooftop with a lounge and dance floor.

So who goes to Penthaus “[The] crowd is amazingly mixed,” says Luke, who’s working on a TV version of his sex-in-the-city novel, Gulliver Takes Manhattan. “It’s twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, twinks, jocks, hipsters, scenesters, drag queens and everything in between.” With more than 1,200 partygoers at Cobacabana each week, Luke obviously knows his crowd.

As carefree as the party is, though, there is one serious no-no: Do not fall down the stairs on your way home. ” It’s four flights down, so keep that in mind when you order your third $100 bottle,” teases Luke.  “Mimi Imfurst is the most famous breaker of this rule. She took a spill down the full final flight two weeks ago.”

We’re sure Mimi was able to find another drag queen to break her fall.

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