Why John Waters Thinks “The Shape Of Water” Was Set In Baltimore

That's a good theory, hon.

Baltimore, Maryland is the setting for classic films like Diner, The Accidental Tourist, Home for the Holidays and Hairspray.

The newest entry in that list is recent Best Picture winner The Shape of Water, which takes place in a government research facility located in Charm City in 1962.

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In addition to winning Best Picture, Guillermo del Toro, the film’s director, also walked away with an Oscar for Best Director at this year’s Academy Awards, and backstage he told the press how the Baltimore setting was a tribute to filmmaker Barry Levinson (Diner) who is from the Maryland city.

“And then there’s John Waters, man,” added del Toro.

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The Baltimore Sun was not going to let a nod to Waters go unnoticed, so they reached out to the Pink Flamingos filmmaker who thought it was “lovely” of del Toro to mention him.

“I thought maybe he had picked Baltimore because most people I know here, myself included, have had sex with a monster once in their life too,” Waters added in an email to The Sun.

We have definitely spotted a fish man or two at the Hippo back in our Baltimore bar-hopping days.

Del Toro said the Baltimore location was a tribute to Levinson, but maybe he was also giving a nod to Waters by setting The Shape of Water in 1962—which is the same year Tracy Turnblad danced her way onto The Corny Collins Show in Hairspray.

Welcome to the ’60s, fish man!

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