Trace Lysette Smolders In The Shins’ Video For “Name For You”

The "Transparent" star is a knockout in red.

“Name For You,” the first single off the Shins’ fifth album, Heartworms, boasts a catchy melody and lyrics with particular relevance to the LGBT community.

“They’ve got a name for you girls,” croons frontman James Mercer. “What’s in a name? They got a name for everything. All of the clothes that you wear. And all of your bits and pieces yeah.”

The band released two versions of the song, “Name For You” and “Name For You (Flipped,” the latter of which plays with speed and base level, opting for a more hypnotic effect with a keener attention to the lyrics.

The music videos also differ: The original follows a group of skateboarders wandering around and grinding rails, while the “Flipped” version, directed by Zaiba Jabbar, spotlights trans actress Trace Lysette in an eye-catching red dress.

shins trace lysette

Between cuts of Mercer singing, we see the Transparent actress downing shots and catching eyes at the bar.

After throwing a bowling ball down a sidewalk, Lysette joins in a friendly dance-off with men in suits and heels.

shins trace lysette

Watch the video for “Name For You (Flipped)” below.

Expect more “Flipped” songs from Heartworms: Rumor has it each track on the album will get a reworked alternate version.

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