The Shipping News: John Barrowman Wants Your Slash Fanfiction

Plus, Netflix has us shipping childhood cartoons and the Klaine forces are strong, hallelujah!

Hi everyone! This is Adri coming to you this week with AN INSORMOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF EXCITEMENT. Brownie points to whoever can spot the Klainer in the room.

I know there are a lot of things going on; many fandoms, many ships. But I can’t be bothered. Not until I get this out of the way, because the day has come. The day when this is CANON:

Klaine Marriage Proposal


// Pause for fainting.// Now we all know the spoilers and if you don’t, skip the designated spoiler area.


Blaine isn’t just asking for Kurt’s hand in marriage over here, the boy is looking at rings. Engagement ring shopping has been confirmed, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Or it might be. Let’s be real, it probably is a false alarm. But we get to see Blaine Warbler trying his damnedest to put a ring on it and that’s worthy of the absolute fangirl storm sweeping the Tumblr Dashboards.


Okay, now that that’s out of my system let’s take a look at what else is sweeping the slash world!

Before I move on from Glee completely I think we should all take a moment to acknowledge the unsung hero of last week’s episode… the hottie in the orange shirt. A while ago Matt Marr’s claim to fame was a spot in Season 4 of the Canadian So You Think You Can Dance. Look at that kid go:

To Americans and Klainers he is currently known as that guy who eye-flirted with Blaine at Sue Sylvester’s aerobics class. Check out Popwrapped’s interview with the actor to find out what got trimmed out of the scene and other fun things.

You know what didn’t get cut? Darren Criss’s pelvic thrusts:

Blaine Pelvis


Early this week we got a long awaited trailer for November’s Thor: The Dark World. It was full of Hunky McThunderFromDownUnder, epic warrior ladies, all kinds of crap blowing up, and everyone’s favorite angry adoptee. Oh yes, just when everyone was filling their lungs with the air needed to rage through a “Where the hell was Loki” rant, he appeared in all his mischievous glory. Well… maybe not all the glory. This battered down version of Loki does bear a striking resemblance to Gotye in the “Somebody That I Used to Know” video … or Tommy Wiseau… no one is really sure, judge for yourselves. Either way, we’re sure glad to have him back.

 Loki Stringy Hair


I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this, but I have a serious issue with cartoons. I know. It’s a weird phobia, but I manage to lead as normal a life as possible considering. Well, I’m putting my phobia aside to bring you the latest craze from down the rabbit hole. Not long ago Netflix released a number of Cartoon Network shows from back in the day (I’m twenty okay? 1999 is back in the day for me). This news made me shudder, but it made many of my friends rejoice. The last thing I expected was for slash shippers to look back at a show from their childhood and find…slash – a gross underestimation on my part. Well Tumblr is just bursting with this ship they found in the show Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Now I am incredibly uninformed about the intricacies of the characters due to my affliction regarding animation, but this seems pretty cute. He was a jock, the other he was part of a trio of candy-obsessed-juvenile-delinquents, can I make it any more obvious?



The spike in shipping these two seems to have arisen from this comic by Tumblr user c2ndy2c1d. Check it out here.

Do you know who’s all too aware of fanfiction and the speed at which we produce it when attractive men are photographed together/speak to each other/breath the same air?  Misha Collins, Nathan Fillion, and John Barrowman. I mean look at these cheeky bastards.






I mean really, boys? Really? We know you know that we know that you know. We hope you like the fic.

Fanfic of the Week: “If I Die Young” by BlowTheCandlesOut

By now you all probably know how much I enjoy angst. (Spoiler: It’s a whole lot). Now while I am overjoyed at the bright horizon we can all see is coming for Klaine, I… I like to cry over them. I like it. And I’ve never tortured myself more thoroughly than with what is known in the Klaine fandom as “The Cancer Fic”. Just by that ominous title, most veteran Klainers will know that you’re referring to the tearjerker masterpiece “If I Die Young” by BlowTheCandlesOut.

I love the realism in this fic, the blood-boiling anger that is tied together with all the sadness that comes when anyone – but especially a very young person- is struck by such a horrible illness. It’s a tough ride, but I loved it and I hope you guys do too.


“What’s the matter, Blaine?” Kurt folded his legs up onto the bed, wishing Blaine would come to him.

“What’s the matter?” Blaine echoed with disgust, “what’s the matter is that if the tumor doesn’t melt my fucking brain then this house sure as hell will.”

“Blaine.” Kurt reprimanded him gently, “Don’t talk like that.”

“Like what? Like I’m losing my f*cking mind? Like I don’t have control over my own body?” Blaine was shouting.

Just the tumor talking. Kurt reminded himself again when he felt the urge to bolt. Blaine did not yell. Blaine did not verbally abuse the ones he loved. This was not Blaine. His disappearances rarely came with warning—The Tumor made frequent appearances whenever it pleased—screaming at his mother for bringing in laundry; emotionally attacking his boyfriend until he could barely stand to remain in the room; tripping up his feet; halting words somewhere between his brain and his mouth so he was left frustrated and mute. Kurt had kept track of the larger outbursts carefully; making little tick marks on his calender in red pen- the marks were farther apart than they used to be- more and more neat little empty calendar blocks separating them. Progress. Kurt focused on anything that symbolized progress.

Read the full story here.


Fanartist of the Week: Mars (waitiknow)

Continuing on the angst theme…because I can, here’s some fanart. I stumbled upon the magnificent artist, Mars, earlier today. There’s a lot of beautiful art for a lot of beautiful ships and fandoms, you should absolutely check it out.

Look at this hipster/modern AU for the Thorki ship. Isn’t it angst ridden and beautiful?



That’s our rollercoaster of FEELS for this week folks, here’s hoping next time we meet Kurt and Blaine are half way through their Martha Stewart Wedding Book plans.

 Yeah! Klaine gif


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