The Steven and Chris Show: Two gay hosts take Canadian TV by storm


Move over Martha: former Designer Guys Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman will be taking up residence on Canada’s national station, CBC, with a fresh new daytime talk show. Think Queer Eye meets Oprah.

Toted as a "lifestyles" show, Steven and Chris will tackle pertinent issues of the day such as entertaining, cooking, fashion, health, and their specialty, home decor. The bickering boys will also interview a slew of celebrity guests, who no doubt will have to fight to get a word in edgewise amidst the hosts’ constant (and entertaining) cattiness.

This will be the fourth show that the Canadian twosome have hosted together. They are more widely known for their design program, Designer Guys, which aired for 3 seasons and has been seen in the US and over 17 countries worldwide. The premise of that show had the two guys coming into someone’s space and helping them revamp the decor, complete with snarly comments usually directed at one another. A spin-off show, Design Rivals, had the two competing to win a client by offering up two different re-decorating scenarios. Whomever the client chooses to go with is the design that they must carry out. So Chic With Steven & Chris saw them moving away from their design roots and instead, overhauling innocent women and showing them how to be chic on a shoe-string budget.

Previously relegated to specialty channels like Home and Garden Television, Steven and Chris have finally made it onto a mainstream network with the CBC. This marks the first daytime talk show ever to be hosted by not one, but two, openly gay men. Kudos to CBC for putting it on the air! And with personalities as big as Steven and Chris’, there is no doubt that this will be a program worth tuning into. Steven and Chris premieres January 14th, 2008 on CBC.