The Sweetest “Ironic” Gay Valentine Video You’ll Ever See

This is how you make a birthday video for your beau.

Austin-based singer-songwriter Adam Carmichael wanted to make a musical card for his boyfriend JohnPaul, and he heeded one of JohnPaul’s requests: a cover of an Alanis Morissette song. Behold, Adam Carmichael’s adorable version of “Ironic” featuring some lovely, lovely sentiments and cue cards that remind me more of the INXS “Need You Tonight/Mediate” video than Love Actually.

Precious, right? Just one problem.

“Ironic” IS ironic! I’ve stated this before, but in the song “Ironic,” Alanis Morissette isn’t declaring that “rain on your wedding day” and “10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife” are inherently ironic situations. She’s suggesting that our reactions to such situations — when things couldn’t possibly get any worse — are ironic because we find ourselves enchanted rather than devastated. When the plane goes down, the plane-fearing flyer isn’t panicked — he just sighs, “Well, isn’t this nice.” After meeting the man of her dreams’ “beautiful wife,” Alanis giggles. It’s all about the bridge: “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything’s going wrong and everything blows up in your face… Life has a funny way of helping you out.” THAT IS IRONY. YOU FEAR DISASTERS THE MOST, BUT LIFE MAKES YOU ENJOY THEM. DICTIONARY DEFINITION IRONY. I will not stand for badmouthing or snarking about one of the greatest songs of our time! Viva Alanis!

But anyway. Love this video tribute! Let’s move to Austin, gents.