The Trailer For “Grace & Frankie” Season 2 Is Finally Here

"We've got a lot going on in our house."

“Kids, brace yourselves,” warns Lily Tomlin in the new trailer for Netflix’s breakout hit Grace & Frankie.

We pick up right where last season ended, with Frankie and now ex-husband Sol (Sam Waterston) breaking the news that they had slept together following Sol’s engagement to Robert (Martin Sheen).

Frankie is still living with Grace,who jumps at the chance to dish about what her “new single life.”

“Last year after everything happened, I was a wreck!” exclaims Grace, before filling up a watermelon with alcohol, because ’they don’t sell them like this. (Totally normal behavior, IMO.)

The trailer also introduces new love interests for both Grace—a handsome older man named Phil Milstein (Sam Elliot)—and Frankie—an attractive younger yam farmer she meets at the farmer’s market.

“We got a lot goin’ on in our house,” Frankie promises.

Expect hilarious hijinks that play to both Fonda’s and Tomlin’s comedic strengths, but also a strong emotional focus on the women’s evolving relationship. “I know she’s a little unusual,” Grace says after being asked if she wants to stay Frankie’s roommate. “This year, she’s also been there for me.”

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