Instagram Has Blocked The Eggplant Emoji, The Universal Symbol For Penis, Unless You Use This One Hack


Instagram recently re-upped their hashtagging ways, giving users the capability to search exclusively by hashtag.

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You can hashtag pictures of pretty kitties with the cat emoji or use the rainbow emoji in place of #instagay–really, the possibilities are endless. Almost.

The one head-scratching loophole amongst this joyous new Instagram allowance is the beloved eggplant emoji.


That’s right, the de facto universal symbol of the penis (far superior to the banana, to be honest) is the one emoji that is not searchable via hashtag. The gun emoji? No prob. The bomb? That’s fine. But the eggplant? NO SIR!


Instagram confirmed to MTV News that they’ve officially made the eggplant emoji hashtag “unsearchable” because the eggplant emoji is one of the symbols consistently associated with photos and videos that violate their policies.

There is, however a convenient hack. Try adding a second emoji after the eggplant–might we suggest the splashing “sweat” emoji. BAM.


Just goes to show: You can’t keep an eggplant down.