“The Vampire Diaries” – The Night the Lights Went Out In Virginia

Dropping the veil between the living and the dead means a bunch of great guest stars.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Up in the Salvatore attic Elena punches some cinder blocks with her fists while Stefan expresses his disappointment that she chose to channel all of her emotional turmoil into hating Katherine instead of love or compassion or some other more girlie emotion. Elena just wants to know where Katherine is so she can rip off her head or tear out her heart or possibly both. Elena half-asses some pull-ups and points out that Stefan wanted to kill Klaus when Stefan re-installed his emotion chip. Ah, but I couldn’t, Stefan reminds her, and he suspects that Elena doesn’t really want to kill Katherine. Elena really wants to kill Katherine. Title card!

At the Mystic Grill Rebekah is gobsmacked at the concept of receiving money from relatives for finishing high school because despite being a thousand years old and having attended high school like a million times she has never before encountered a graduation announcement. She wonders why Matt isn’t sending any. “Non ho un intero lotto di famiglia,” explains Matt. Becky figures it wasn’t her mother’s dream to see her in a cap and gown and Matt understands. “Diciamo che non mi tiene il fiato per una graduazione assengo bancario.”

Outside Elena and Caroline are doing their announcements. Elena has one for family friends in Denver (nice callback) while Caroline of course has stacks and stacks. Besides, Elena doesn’t really care about graduation anyway. Caroline figures she’ll start caring after she gets past the hating Katherine thing. At the mention of Katherine’s name Elena goes from zero to stalker in one second, demanding that Caroline give up her location which Caroline doesn’t have. There’s wrist grabbing involved. It’s uncomfortable.


Katherine meets Bonnie in a clearing and demands to know why they’re meeting. Bonnie needs to consult with Qetsiyah about giving Katherine true immortality so she has to take down the veil to The Other Side. They’re in the clearing where those dozen witches died at Caroline’s hand a few episodes back. Bonnie has to charge the spot as part of the “Expression triangle”. Once that’s done she’ll need Silas’s tombstone and its payload of Qetsiyah’s “calcified blood”, which, yuck, to finish lifting the veil.

Katherine’s more pissed about mucking up her $500 boots in the muck and is all Qet-seeyah, wouldn’t wanna be ya but is stopped short as she’s walking away. Bonnie has linked them together for the day. Where Bonnie goes, Katherine follows.

Stefan meets up with Damon at the Mystic Falls Medical Center where they are joined by Sheriff Liz. Yay for Sheriff Liz surviving and apparently not being a vampire! She leads them to a dead patient who has been almost completely drained of blood.


There are four more just like him down the hall. She suspects vampires, since the blood bank has been kept empty since it was robbed last month. Wait, what? A hospital is operating with literally no blood reserve? Damon brings Sheriff Liz up to speed on the Silas sitch, including that the full moon Silas needs is tomorrow night.

Suddenly it’s night and Bonnie and Katherine have arrived at the Lockwood cellar, where Bonnie claims a dozen hybrids were slaughtered even though eleven of them were killed in the woods and only one in the cellar but whatever. Season’s almost over. Bonnie heads down the stairs. At first Katherine refuses to follow but the linking spell hilariously drags her along like a pull toy. Katherine is several orders of magnitude stronger physically than Bonnie so shouldn’t have to move at all, but whatever again. Katherine threatens to kill her but Bonnie points out that the link means that anything that happens to Bonnie happens to Katherine. Katherine should remember how that works since she did it to Elena back when this show was consistently good. Bonnie gets to charging, causing a wind to whip up…

…which leads to a really pretty neat transition to a wind-blown couple entering the Grill, where we find Caroline, Becky and Matt watching Elena throw darts and worry about her again some more. Becks grabs a bottle from the bar and pours Elena a shot because liquor laws in Mystic Falls are really more like suggestions.


Elena’s all, our Thelma & Louise road trip moment is over and we are not friends. Caroline interrupts to ask if she and Elena are still friends. Did Elena mean all those awful things she said when she was without emotions? Elena knows Caroline wants an apology but she can’t giver one, because if she feels bad she’ll feel everything and that just can’t happen again.

Then the lights go out. The gang heads outside to discover that the whole town is blacked out. Caroline decides to call her mom to see if she knows what’s going on but based on the squad car that screams past with sirens and lights going, she does.

Bonnie and Katherine arrive at the Young farm so Bonnie can charge the third point of the triangle. How could it possibly have taken so long to travel the “few miles” from the witch site to the Lockwood place. Bonnie charges the spot; she’s ready to drop the veil.

Back at the hospital Sheriff Liz and the Salvatore boys map out the power outage, with each failure point corresponding to a massacre site. Sheriff Liz also spills that Bonnie was spotted leaving the Young property with “Elena”. They deduce that Bonnie and Katherine are at the high school, because there is no money left for new sets.

The boys meet Elena at the school. Caroline’s inside looking for Bonnie; Elena suggests Stefan join her inside while she and Damon search outside. Stefan heads off and Elena drops the pretext to pump Damon for information on Katherine’s whereabouts. Sloppy seconds again, eh Damon? After some back-and-forth about who hates Katherine the most Damon admits she’s with Bonnie. They start their search.

Stefan finds Caroline in the cafeteria and she reports she’s searched the entire school with no sign of Bonnie. They hear a noise which leads them to the walk-in cooler. The last such cooler had a dozen newbie vampires but all this one has is a big bag of melting ice. The dripping ice water leads them to the floor drain and they realize that Bonnie and Katherine must be in the basement.

We get another neat transition, a tracking shot through the floor and the earth beneath it, ending in a cavern. Bonnie stands over the Seal of Danzalthar and demands the tombstone. Katherine hands it over.

The search teams converge on the basement but Damon halts his duo, telling Elena she has to stay behind. Her new murder-obsession for Katherine will interfere with the team’s ability to stop Bonnie from casting the spell. On top of that he fears that if she is somehow able to kill Katherine (as if) then all of her pent-up emotions will flood her again. She counters that maybe killing Katherine (as if) will do the opposite and allow her to feel the happiness and good things she’s lost. Damon looks like he’s buying it for one second but finally settles on “She’s strong. She’s crafty. You’ll die.” Elena drives a stake in hit gut. “At least I’ll die trying.” Yeah, but the operative word here is die.

Bonnie concentrates and rivulets of Qetsiyah’s blood start trickling out of the headstone. Gross. Torches spring to life around the cavern and Bonnie announces she’d done it. The veil is lifted.


Damon struggles to remove Elena’s steak as a figure approaches from behind. “Need a hand?”


As Alaric pulls the stake out Damon doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Is it Alaric or is it Silas? Alaric can’t believe Damon could believe he’s Silas but Damon’s all that is such a Silas thing to say. Ric opens a locker and pulls out a bottle of hooch. “Would Silas know about locker 42?” Damon accepts that he’s Alaric and I’m so happy that the best bromance on TV is back that I won’t even point out that yes, as a psychic with the ability to get inside peoples’ heads, Silas could easily know about locker 42.

Damon realizes that his ability to see and touch (woof) Alaric means the veil is down. Alaric exposits that it’s only down inside the triangle. Outside the zone he’d be consigned back to “Ghostworld”. Damon wonders why the halls aren’t more crowded with the unquiet dead but Ric explains that not everyone has a burning desire to return to Mystic Falls, just the ones worried about their friends. Or, Damon glooms, their enemies.

Cut to Rebekah lighting a candle at the Grill. Wonder which of her enemies will be returning? Matt enters, amazed at the meteorological conditions. “Questo vento è strano! Un minuto che soffia come un uragano e il prossimo, niente. Nemmeno un gioco da ragazzi.” He notes that she’s free to go since she’s not getting paid but she likes the warmth and the company. She closes on him with romantic intentions and if these two are going to hook up I wish the show would just rip the Band-Aid already. They’re interrupted by the return of Kol.


Hey girl, hey!

“Presumo che ciò significa che Bonnie è sceso il velo,” Matt says. Kol fills them in on the partial opening situation and on his intention to kill Elena since Jeremy’s already dead. Matt mans up :”Se ti fa male Elena, lo giuro…” but before he can finish the threat Kol smashes a bottle on the bar. Becky orders him out but he demands Elena’s location. She orders him out again and rather than repeat himself Kol notes that Rebekah finally caught the attention of quarterback Matt. “How’s that throwing arm, champ?” he asks and before Matt can reply that it’s fine but the season’s been over for months Kol hurls the jagged bottle into Matt’s shoulder.

Down in the cavern Katherine grows impatient but Bonnie snaps that she can’t concentrate with Katherine flapping her damn mouth. Katherine chills for like a second but then picks up something with her vampionic ears. She gets Bonnie to give her some leash so she can investigate and run interference if need be. She searches the caverns, stopping short when something zips past her in the dark. She thinks it’s Silas but it’s Elena, who says hello in her now-usual fashion, a stake to the guy. Katherine goes down but Bonnie also cries out in pain, sporting a matching wound courtesy of the link.

Next Elena slams Katherine’s face into a steam pipe, burning her and Bonnie.


Stefan and Caroline discover Bonnie writhing in pain, She tells them about the link and Caroline sends Stefan on ahead. Elena is still steaming Katherine’s face, chastising her for sucking all the happiness out of her life. Elena moves to plunge her stake into Katherine’s heart but Stefan tackles her. Katherine thanks him for the save but he has had it, officially, telling her to scram before he kills her himself. Katherine: “Really? I’m your biggest problem right now?” Still she heeds him and leaves.

Becks extracts the bottle shards from Matt’s shoulder and offers to heal him with her blood. He declines: “Guardate, gente in questa città hanno la cattiva abitudine di trasformarsi in vampiri e vorrei diplomarsi come un essere umano.” He sends her for a first aid kit in the back. She heads to retrieve it but is sidetracked by a noise. She investigates and finds Caroline huddled in a corner, slashing at her arm with something sharp. “I have to keep cutting.”

Down in the cavern Siroline watches over a recovering Bonnie, asking what she’s doing down here. She replies that she’s waiting for Qetsiyah and Siroline opines that she’ll be waiting a long time. As the horror dawns on Bonnie Silas appears in rapid succession as his supposedly true self, Stefan, Caroline, Stefan again, true self again, Stefan again and finally Caroline, all the while berating Bonnie for foolishly believing that she was more powerful than he. “I will always be one step ahead.”

Elsewhere in the basement/caverns Elena is royally pissed that Stefan saved Katherine and he explains the link. They argue about her goddamn emotions again some more, the highlights being Stefan’s, “You’re a vampire, Elena, loss is part of the deal” and, when Stefan thinks she’s transferring his rage to him, Elena’s “I don’t need to transfer anything. I can hate two people just fine.” Finally she hauls off and belts him in his stupid face, declares she feels nothing about it, and stalks off.

At the Grill Becky tries to get Caroline to shnap out of it. Caroline: “I need to bleed. Silas wants me to bleed.” While Rebekah struggles to keep Caroline from cutting her own hand off, Matt updates Damon. “Lei è stata qui tutto il tempo. Ciò significa che Silas è con voi.” Matt continues, “C’è di peggio. Il velo è basso. Kol è venuto con la ricerca di Elena e lui sembrava un po ’incazzato.”

Damon tells Alaric to call Stefan with an update which seems like a dumb idea to have the dead guy who you thought was Silas ten minutes ago call but OK. Ric is confused since the last he knew Elena was Damon’s girl. They choose this moment to DT Damon’s R. Guys, seriously, just admit your the show’s true supercouple and bang already.

Back at the bar Matt asks Rebekah, “Hai provato stringente la sua?” Becky can’t because Caroline is hopped up on vervain. Desperate, Becky snags one of Caroline’s graduation announcements. “Look, Caroline, you’re graduating and, and Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary really want you to graduate with both hands!” Caroline manically repeats, “I need to keep cutting, I need to keep cutting” until Becky finally goes full Cher and slaps her across the face. After a stunned moment Caroline delivers one word: “Bitch!” and it is perfect and I want it for my ringtone.

Back in the cavern Bonnie angrily tells Siroline to leave her alone. Which he will gladly do as soon as Bonnie finishes the spell. He rather gleefully informs Bonnie that her big “run and tell Qetsiyah” plan will never work because Q wants Silas on The Other Side with her. This whole Cure thing is just so needlessly complicated. I can’t wait until it’s done. Anyway, Siroline hears Damon coming and transforms into Silarlic, expecting that Ric will have a better chance of convincing Damon to convince Bonnie. Um, what? Meanwhile, Silarlic makes Bonnie think she can’t breathe.

Elena visits Jeremy’s grave. She sits by his head stone and soliloquizes about how she can’t handle anything anymore. She seems on the brink of yanking her emotion chip again when Kol arrives. Elena vamps out and puts on her best “bring it” face.

Bonnie continues to struggle for breath when she’s visited by Grams!


Hey girl, hey!

Bonnie believes it’s Silas but Grams points out that Silas wouldn’t try to save her. Bonnie calms down almost immediately and they have a tearful reunion. Bonnie apologizes for messing everything up and Grams tells her she can still put things right. Bonnie thinks she doesn’t know how to put Silas down but Grams explains that Expression is the manifestation of her will and while Grams doesn’t like it, it does mean Bonnie has the power to immobilize Silas.

Silarlic runs into Damon in the caverns and claims to have called Stefan, who’s heading to Elena. Did you…find Silas?” Silarlic tentatively asks. Damon, smirking: “Yep.” He clocks Silarlic and wraps a convenient length of chain around his throat. Silarlic protests that he’s Ric but Damon says “I spend more time in these tunnels than I care to admit” and I have no idea what that even means, but there’s no way Silarlic came from the school. As Damon continues to choke Silarlic out Bonnie emerges from a side tunnel and ends the half-season-long threat of Silas in literally twelve seconds. Seriously, after this huge buildup with this immortal, invulnerable creature with the power to turn their own minds against them and he goes down in twelve seconds? The hell? Oh, and the “true self” form we’ve seen a few times before was a total lie (which I’m actually OK with because that girl’s mug was busted).


Girl, look how f*cking orange you look!

Silas petrifies with his face in his hands so the show even cheats on that.

Elena is somehow not instantly dead from fighting an Original Vampire one-one-one but Kol has her down. He taunts her a bit about all the times he stood next to her invisibly, whispering the ways he wanted her to suffer in her unhearing ear. Finally he throttles her and she’s all go ahead and kill me, you’d be doing me a favor. Seconds before he can deliver the killing blow, he whirls to catch a stake whizzing through the air, fired from the crossbow of Jeremy Gilbert.


Kol advances on Jeremy and, instead of killing him instantly, stops to pontificate. Rookie mistake. “What’s the saying, kill me once, shame on you, kill me twice…” Before he can finish that Stefan takes him from behind, snapping his neck.

Jeremy rushes to Elena’s side. She catches sight of him and reaches for his hand, drawing herself up and falling into his embrace.

Bonnie joins the party up top and she and the Salvatores decide to drop Silas in the Atlantic. Elena tentatively approaches Bonnie, trying to apologize. Bonnie is “it’s all good” and another conflict ends in under twelve seconds. Bonnie tells Elena and Jeremy she’ll give them as much time as she can before she has to restore the veil. She heads back to the caverns and Stefan moves off to secure Kol’s body until it’s back up. Can’t you just carry him out of the triangle? Elena stops him but he too is all good. Then she moves on to Damon who makes it three for three in the it’s all good department, sending her to spend as much time as she can with Jeremy.

Stefan pulls up a chair at the Grill and Caroline bustles in with a bottle to celebrate. He doesn’t much feel like it because he was expecting someone else dead to show up. On cue Lexi says “You better mean me.” Stefan rises and embraces her. She thanks Caroline for keeping an eye on him.

Damon and Ric load Silas into the trunk of a car and trade pulls from Damon’s flask. Damon says he thought Ric was cutting back on his drinking and Ric says he thought Damon was going to take care of the children. Ric pulls the cure from his pocket, having recovered it from Silas’s body. He hands it to Damon, who asks “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” I say drop it and step on it but Alaric advises, “Get the girl.”

Stefan and Lexi stroll together and as they banter Lexi remarks on how cute Caroline is. Stefan: “Do not start.”

Bonnie lights some candles in the cavern and Grams appears, instructing her to put up the veil. Bonnie won’t yet, until she brings Jeremy permanently back. Grams warns that there is no magic that can do that but Bonnie exclaims that she has ALL THE MAGIC! She has the spirits (how is not explained), she has Expression and she has “the Darkness”. As candles flare and Bonnie gets all veiny she starts to chant. Suddenly she gasps and collapses.

Matt locks up the Grill and finds Rebekah waiting outside for him. He tells her, “Nel caso in cui Caroline non ha la ringrazio prima di tirare fuori di quella allucinazione, grazie.” They laugh about how she got to slug Caroline in the face then Rebekah draws up short, spotting a figure across the square. “Chi è?” asks Matt. Becks replies that it’s Alexander, her Hunter ex-boyfriend who daggered her like 900 years ago. The lights come on, leading Becky to hope that it means the veil is almost up so he’ll disappear again soon. He does not disappear again soon. He spots them and begins purposefully striding toward them. Becks reverses course, trying to get away, only to be confronted by Connor, the Hunter Elena killed, and Galen, the Hunter Rebekah left to starve to death on Craphole Island.

Bonnie comes to in the cavern and gets to her feet. Grams is there. “I’m sorry Bonnie. The spell; it was just too much.” Bonnie looks back to see her body still lying on the cavern floor.


“How can I be dead? I’m in the season finale promo pictures!”

OK, so, that episode happened. The Big Bad went down with barely a whimper and all of the damage that Elena did to her relationships without her emotion chip is just instantly forgotten. I’m not spoiled for the finale but I have read reports that at least one of the resurrections seen on tonight’s episode will be permanent. If that’s true and it’s Jeremy, then all Elena has to do is take the Cure and it will almost literally be a full-on press of the reset button for the entirety of season 4. I have come to expect better.

I have also come to expect a lot from some of the actors on this show, and in particular Candice Accola did not disappoint. Her performance as Silas was spot-on, and her work in the hallucination scene was chilling. And rarely have I heard “Bitch!” done so pitch perfectly. All of the returning guest stars were great, especially all of the business between Damon and Alaric. This series has really suffered without their relationship and getting a glimpse of it proved that.

Next week: The season finale. Graduation day is here but the returning Hunters are crashing the party looking for Silas and the Cure.